A lot has happened to Batalash Beauty since we last spoke to them. More imaginative tutorials, Instagram and YouTube followers…and they’ve added two new members to the team! Dominique and Jkissa have recently joined Samantha and Angela as part of Team Batalash. Get to know them after the jump!

It seems like so much has happened to Batalash in the past few months! Samantha and Angela, why did you decide to add Jkissa and Dominique to the team? What set them apart?

Angela- Both JKissa and Dominique have such different styles and both are so equally talented. I was following both artists for a few months and was constantly impressed by their creativity and use of color. Their ideas are so fresh and their technique is clean! Both artists are growing so quickly. Since Batalash has grown so much these past few months we both agreed it would be awesome to have some new faces and opinions around for our followers to get a taste of. Both ladies are so fun to work with and insanely creative. They’re hungry and that’s what we love to see!

Samantha- I had been following both Jkissa and Dom for a while, and was consistently impressed by their creativity/positive attitudes/quality of work. As Batalash expands, we get more and more requests for new tutorials and reviews, and both Angela and I felt it was time to bring in some extra hands! We love having new faces for people to relate to, and we also wanted to showcase some different styles of makeup. More importantly than anything, both of them are amazingly down to earth and easy to work with, and they stay true to who they are.

Batalash is all about a dramatic look – smoky eyes, falsies, bold lips. Do you ever have natural days? What are your natural makeup regimes like?

Angela- I’m either in a full face of makeup or none at all. I love playing with new products or finding new ways to be resourceful with products I already have. If I had to go for a quick natural look I’d focus on my brows and skin. I’d still go hard with my contour and shimmery blush. I’ll keep the eyes simple and add some wispy false lashes with a soft lip.

Samantha- Honestly, I rarely go for a natural look, unless I have NO time in the morning. For me, I always want to experiment with new colors and textures, so I end up going dramatic. If I am rockin’ a natural look, I typically do brow and skin focus. Just a really flawless base, some bold brows, a bit of blush/contour, and mascara!


What sets your YouTube videos about from other beauty vloggers is how real, funny and candid they are – they’re so fun to watch! Do you rehearse your videos or do you wing it?

Thank you! I totally wing it. I pretty much just sit down and start talking. When I started making videos, I would try and write down what I wanted to say, but I noticed my videos didn’t have a natural flow to them, and most of all didn’t showcase my personality. To me, personality and being comfortable with who you are is very important.

You experiment with hair color A LOT – loving the silver you’re rocking right now! What’s your advice for keeping hair healthy for frequent dyers?

Yes! I get so bored with my hair. My biggest advice is to get your hair done professionally – it makes a HUGE difference in the health of your hair. Aside from that, avoiding heat styling and overwashing, and using Argan Oil has helped my hair IMMENSELY. Getting trims often helps as well.

What are your favorite new products?

MAKEUP GEEK EVERYTHING! I just recently tried a bunch of their products, and everything is amazing. Their brushes, shadows, and pigments, are all insane. I am head over heels. I just recently tried Zoeva Brushes, and I have to say they have very quickly become my new favorites. They are very affordable and work amazing.


Angela, you recently started posting YouTube videos along with Samantha. Any advice for girls who want to get into vlogging?

Be yourself! It’s so easy to feel like you should be like this vlogger or that one. Everyone’s got their style and people want to see you because they like you! Also, it helped me personally to have Sam in the background to loosen me up and make me laugh and feel comfortable about talking into a camera.

Your eye makeup looks are killer – so inventive, flawless and precise. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Thank you so much! Sometimes from other artists or photos and paintings I see. Sometimes I’ll just lay the products I want to use in front of me and give them a job like, this will go here and that there. I usually change my mind half way, but that’s the fun part for me. I experiment until I’m happy with it.

What are some makeup tricks you swear by?

One of my favorites is to take a tiny bit of highlighter in any makeup look to brighten the face. Even my darkest smokey eyes have a highlighter on the inner corners. If the inner corners of my eyes are too dark it causes an optical illusion that makes my eyes appear like they’re extremely close together in photos; adding a bit of a lighter shade helps avoid that.


Your lavender hair is SO beautiful! How do you maintain it?

My stylist Janine is the mad scientist behind all of my hair dreams! She custom makes the color just for me and she helps me maintain it. I swear by Joico Color Endure Violet shampoo, it is such a deep purple color that really helps to keep it the purple alive. I try not to use heat on my hair since it is sooo bleached, and I just use a lot of leave in conditioners to really help keep it healthy.

You have gorgeous skin – love your freckles. Can you share your skincare routine?

Thanks!! I do not do much, honestly. I moisturize with Vanishing Cream by Lush, throw on some eye cream and call it a day.  That is right, no foundation here! At the end of the night, I use Let The Good Times Roll facial cleanser by Lush and then top off with Tarte Maracuja Oil! My skin is very sensitive so anything can upset it very easily, so I have to play it safe with all natural products.

How did the Batalash team find you?

Haha, funny story!! I was at home by myself one night, waiting for my boyfriend to get off set, and Sam posted she was going to be hosting a chat. I logged on, and asked her probably a million questions. I wanted to pick her brain about everything. But unfortunately I had to log off the chat because the house was a disaster and needed some cleaning. The next day I just thanked her for answering my questions (via Instagram) and she followed me. I then said to myself, “I gotta step my game up if Samantha is following me!” Whenever she commented on my photos I would soar, and then she announced she was coming to LA, and I knew it was my time to meet her. So Dominique, Angela, Sam and I all met up at Disneyland, and we were friends ever since. It is still so surreal that I get to call these ladies my friends as well as team members.


Dominique, your makeup style is so unique and creative, it’s almost more like art than makeup! Are you self-taught?

Thank you so much! Yes, I am completely self-taught. I have been interested in art since I was a youngster and have taken some courses here and there for freehand drawing and painting. It has only been about two years since I started directing my art onto a different kind of canvas and getting serious with makeup artistry.

What are your favorite brands that our readers should know about, and why do you love them?

There are a lot of products I love from smaller companies. I have been enjoying the liquid lipsticks from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. They stay on, don’t crack or flake, and dry completely matte without drying the lips! I have also been loving Zuii Organic. They have a nice range of natural, organic products that are suitable for sensitive skin and they don’t contain the harsh chemicals other makeup brands do. Another brand would be Makeup Geek. It is affordable, their brushes are beautiful while being just the right size, and their pigments are gorgeous.

What advice would you give to girls who want to get into beauty blogging?

Find your niche. You don’t have to be the best at everything in makeup – some are renowned for creating beautiful lip art, some the perfect brow, others editorial looks, and others bridal makeup. Find that one aspect that will set you apart from the rest and develop it. Practice on anyone who will let you. Be open to criticism and never stop learning. Both success and failure are gradual, they don’t happen overnight. Work at it, don’t get discouraged, and know that your personal growth is different than everyone else’s. Social networking is your friend and an amazing tool.


We can’t wait to see what’s next for Batalash! Can you share any exciting plans coming up?

Samantha- I can’t wait to see what’s next as well! I have an upcoming class in LA which I am super excited for, and we are also working on a super secret eyeshadow palette!

We always like to combine beauty with a bit of humor. Do you have any memorable Beauty Adventure story to share with us?

Jkissa- Tower of terror!! So when we all met at Disneyland, I was secretly panicking, I hate roller coasters, but more importantly, drops. So low and behold my worst fears come true and everyone wants to go on Tower of Terror. I tell them there is no way I am going on the ride. After more and more rides, they won’t give up. I go up to Sam and make her a proposition: “If I go on Tower of Terror, you have to let me guest blog on Batalash.” Her reply? “Of course! It’s a win-win for me.” You should have seen the picture. It was priceless.

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