Luminess Air Review

Lumiesse Air

I have never had the luxury of having beautiful skin. From pimples in my teens and thirties to pimples, wrinkles and dark spots in my 40s, I’m always looking for products to help my flawed skin look its best. I have adopted a pretty good skin care routine, and while my skin does look better, it’s not where I’d like it to be. This is where makeup comes in.

I have always loved the airbrushed makeup look. When I would hire a makeup artist to make me up for special events, I would always request airbrush makeup, especially for the foundation. It gave me a beautiful flawless look with a subtle glow that never looked caked on. A few years back I purchased a Temtpu Airbrush System because I wanted to be airbrushed all the time. It came with individual pods of foundations and blushes. I used it for a few months straight, and then it lost its allure because it began giving me intermittent problems. The pump wouldn’t always work like it should. It’s currently sitting somewhere at the bottom of a closet. Since then I have found a few foundations, brushes and my beloved BeautyBlender to give me an airbrushed look.

Recently, I was contacted by Luminess to see if I would like to review the Luminess Air. I gladly jumped on board as I am completely obsessed with beauty products. They were kind enough to offer a discount to our readers which you will find at the end of the post, so keep reading!


Luminess Air


Luminess Air


Luminesse Air

As you can see from the pictures above, the set comes with a compressor, a stylus, and a starter kit which includes moisturizer, foundation, blush and a highlighter for some additional glow. The kit also came with a “Getting Started Guide” with easy directions and helpful tips and detailed instructions on how to clean your stylus and needle. On the back of the guide, you will find a QR code that will lead you to a host of videos teaching you how to master all the techniques to get the most out of your Luminess system. I would like to note that I had the opportunity to chose my foundation color and type. I opted for a Satin finish foundation in shades 3 and 4.


I had no problems setting up my Luminess Air. I plugged it in and was set to go. I started with the moisturizer giving it about six or seven shakes before dispensing a few drops into the stylus. I turned on the compressor and and held the stylus about six inches away from my face and began to slowly push back the lever to dispense the moisturizer onto my face with circular motions. The cool air mixed with the moisturizer felt so good on my face. I waited a few minutes for it to absorb, and then shook up the foundation in shade 3 and placed a few drops into the stylus. Be sure to tie your hair back so that you reduce the risk of getting makeup in your hair and don’t wear good clothes while you do this. It’s very easy for the makeup to spill out if you do not hold the stylus upright. If you’re super clumsy like me, this is bound to happen. For the coverage I wanted, which is more towards full, I applied about four coats of foundation. It seems like a lot, but you are actually using very little product. It is critical that you do not stay in one place too long or you will have a pileup of makeup with exactly the opposite effect of “airbrush.” Once I was done with the foundation I reached for the highlighter and air brushed it onto my upper cheekbones and above my brow and down my nose. It’s good practice to let the makeup dry between steps. You can use the stylus turned on, to brush additional air onto your face to aid in the drying process. My last step was the blush. My face looked nice and smooth with just a hint of glow. I looked radiant without a heavy, cakey makeup look. YAY!!!


I really loved how my skin looked!!! It took me a good four uses to become a real pro, but that really isn’t bad at all! You should have seen me the first time I tried contouring with cream makeup – I looked like a brown striped zebra. The most difficult part of using Luminess Air was focusing on holding the stylus 6 inches away while making circular motions to get even coverage. Once I got the hang of it, it was super easy. I did need to use additional concealer under my eyes to brighten up that area as neither of the two colors I was sent was light enough in color. Perhaps if I had more colors to choose from, I would get my desired look. The makeup lasted ALL day, which is a really positive point for me as my foundation usually wears off after about 5 hours. This makeup would be ideal for special occasions and I happen to have many at this time of year. Would I use it every day? It depends on how pressed for time I am. While I like the longevity of the foundation and the blush, the highlighter wasn’t my favorite. That being said, this would be a great addition to many makeup artist’s kits or for anyone who would like to have beautifully airbrushed skin. Luminess offers a multitude of products, airbrush tanning kits, lipsticks and eye shadows that you should most definitely check out. If you are looking to purchase your own airbrush kit for personal or professional use, Luminess Air is definitely one to consider. It’s really an easy no-fuss system that just requires just a little practice. Sometimes looking your best just takes some work!

We are so excited to be able to offer you a discount code of 20% off your purchase should you decide to buy one of these systems either for yourself or for someone special, as this would be an awesome gift. Visit Luminess and use code: 158580154Happy Shopping!!


Do you use airbrush makeup? Let us know in the comments below! Have any questions? We’d be happy to help.