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Luxie Beauty

There are many beauty lovers out there who obsess over makeup brushes. Some make a habit out of collecting brushes: you definitely know (or are) someone who has thirty different eyeshadow brushes alone – one for the brow bone, a few for the crease, a smudge brush, a pencil brush… I was never one of those people. While I love beauty, if I ever stepped into Sephora, I would gravitate towards makeup or skincare, never the brush wall. Luxie Beauty changed that. I first received a Luxie brush in an Ipsy bag last year, and, from that moment, I was hooked. From the beautiful packaging to the durability to the softness of the bristles, I fell in love instantly. Keep reading to discover what makes Luxie brushes so special.

Luxie’s entire brush range is made of synthetic bristles. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and, above all, extremely high quality. Synthetic brushes have bristles that gravitate towards each other, meaning they allow for a smooth and precise application. Brushes with synthetic bristles work well with foundations, concealers, any liquid or cream products. They don’t ‘trap’ or absorb makeup easily, meaning only a drop or two of product goes a long way.

The packaging of Luxie’s Rose Gold collection is so eye-catching. The brush handles are a beautiful shade of baby pink, and the metallic part is a striking shade of rose gold that complements the pink perfectly. My absolute favorite part is a very subtle detail – each brush has the intended purpose written on the handle. “522 Tapered Highlighter.” “223 Short Shader.” For beauty beginners, this is an especially helpful addition.

I already owned two Luxie brushes: the Large Angled Face Brush 504 and the Small Tapered Blending Brush 231. The face brush can be used for many face products: highlighter, bronzer, blush. Personally, I use it solely for blush. It’s the perfect size and shape – it picks up just the right amount of product, so I don’t have to dip into my blush again and again. A few swipes, and I’m good to go. The blending brush is on the smaller side, so it’s ideal for extremely precise blending. I reach for it when I’m doing a dark smoky eye, and want to blend the outer V without the look getting too muddy or out of control. I received both of these in Ipsy bags, which is pretty phenomenal considering Ipsy is ten dollars a month, and these brushes go for $16 and $12, respectively.


Luxie Beauty generously sent Pampadour a few brushes to review. The two face brushes were the Flat Top Kabuki 530 and the Tapered Highlighter 522. I was eager to try the flat kabuki brush because I have nothing like it in my collection. I’ve found that it is incredible for applying foundation – the flat top allows for a flawless finish with absolutely no streakiness. The bristles are super dense, so a little liquid foundation goes a very long way. Foundation ends up looking almost airbrushed. I use it to blend in my Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, and the combination of that product and the brush is simply amazing. I already owned a similar highlighting brush from Real Techniques, but I must say this Luxie Beauty one tops it. The Tapered Highlighter has the softest, silkiest bristles and dispenses the ideal amount of product for a not-too-intense glow. It works so well with BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfectors, which you can easily go overboard with if you don’t use the right brush.

They also sent us two eyeshadow brushes: the Short Shader Brush 223 and the Tapered Blending Brush 229. I love shader brushes – my go-to evening look is a heavy smoky eye, and a short shader is tailor-made for getting right into the lower lash line. I line my water line with a gel eyeliner, then go over it with my short shader and some shadow to set it. I pick up more shadow with the shader, and proceed to smudge it on the lash line. As for the blending brush, it’s a slightly larger version of the 231 I already owned. You can never have enough blending brushes – depending on how many colors are in your look, you could easily end up using 3 or 4 in a single look, since blending brushes shouldn’t be dirty. Let’s say there was a dark shadow on your blending brush, and you want to blend a light pink next, you could easily end up muddying your entire eye. That’s why my motto with blending brushes is ‘the more the merrier!’ You could always wipe the shadow away on a tissue, but I find having extra brushes at your disposal to be easier and time-saving.

Overall, I am obsessed with the Luxie Beauty line of brushes. They are durable, high quality, beautifully packaged and soft to the touch. The fact that they are vegan and cruelty-free makes them a guilt-free purchase. The only minor downside is that they are not drugstore-level affordable, but they aren’t ridiculously pricey either. Without a doubt, they are worth the price. If you’re not prepared to spend a ton of money on brushes, I would recommend picking up their face brushes over the shadow ones. With the face brushes, I truly see a difference in how my makeup looks. The Flat Top Kabuki will change your entire makeup game – definitely worth trying out.

Luxie Beauty is generously offering 20% off their products to Pampadour readers. Use the code PAMP20 at checkout on!

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  • Angelita Torres

    I received my Luxie beauty brush in my ipsy bag and it is honestly the most softest,brush that has ever touched my face.I would absolutely buy it,recommend it and brag about it.Thank you so much for making a makeup brush that I actually look forward to using every morning.😇,❤

  • Cassandra Tester Aldrich

    I loved these brushes! However, I recently soaked my brushes in warm soap water and all of the Lucie handles cracked 🙁
    None of my other brushes did it, but every single one of the luxie ones did. I’ll still love them bc the bristles are so soft and work so wonderfully. I just wish the handles were as high of quality