Halloween is quickly approaching (can’t believe it’s in three days!!). Need some last-minute ideas? Check out our roundup of our favorite videos and photos users have shared on Pampadour, from trendy looks like Maleficent to awe-inducing ones from vloggers like Nicole Guerriero and Chrisspy. Can’t wait to see all of your beautiful, inspiring looks!


YouTube beauty vlogger MakeupByAlli created one of the most striking and unique looks we’ve seen this year: a futuristic, galactic mermaid. The look was kept soft and feminine due in large part to the fact that she worked with eye shadow on her face, rather than heavy face paint. Alternating between purple, blue and gold, the look has a watercolor-like effect. She used purple shadow to contour her face, and get the entire look to really pop. Check out the video above.


Make it a Halloween to remember by following this insane tutorial by Nicole Guerriero. This look features a mix of makeup, drawing and face paint. Definitely works better for someone who is artistically inclined. Even if you don’t think you can create this look for yourself, it’s worth a watch for sheer entertainment value. She’s so talented.


Laura Lee proves that dressing up as an animal is anything, but boring or played out! She uses face paint and makeup to create the most striking, memorable version of a tiger we’ve ever seen.


Users have been posting Halloween pictorials and inspiration on Pampadour all month in anticipation of Friday. Here are some of our favorites. Some are so easy to do that they could be created using just a black eyeliner!

This look is super quick-‘n’-easy and can be created using just some liner.

Samantha of Batalash was inspired for spiders for this easy-to-do look.

Sequins, rhinestones and things like that can really add some oomph to your look, demonstrated by Pampadour user Kristin.

This look was made super popular by Chrisspy. Pampadour user Sarah posted her interpretation of it on the feed – don’t hesitate to share your looks as well!

Absolutely adore this doll look by talented Pamp Party host, Rebecca Shores! Check out the full tutorial, here.

What are you planning for Halloween this year? Tell us in the comments and on! We can’t wait to see your beautiful, gorgeous looks.