How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Night Long

Liquid lipstick was a game changer in terms of longevity – apply it once and it’ll last all night, through food, drinks, kisses… While many love liquid lippies, they definitely aren’t for everyone. They can often be extremely drying, no matter how much lip balm you pack on before application. If you haven’t jumped onto the liquid lipstick bandwagon, but still want long-lasting bold lips, keep reading! We’re laying out the steps for making sure your lipstick stays put for hours on end.

STEP 1: If your lips are looking extra dry and flaky (I’m dealing with this right now), it’s time to exfoliate your lips! Create a DIY scrub by mixing equal parts honey and sugar. Then, using a toothbrush, gently run the mixture over your lips in circular motions until they’re soft and smooth.

STEP 2: Apply a richly moisturizing lip balm to your lips before you begin your makeup process. Allow some time for it to really seep in and rejuvenate your lips. I like to use heavy duty Aquaphor – it brings chapped, cracked lips back to life. Move on to the rest of your makeup routine – eyes, face, etc. Once everything else is done, the balm should’ve had enough time to work its magic. Take a tissue and blot away the excess product.


STEP 3: For any big night out, most beauty junkies reach for face and eyeshadow primer, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your lips? Invest in a lip primer, like these fantastic ones by MAC and NYX. Lip primer will hydrate lips and prolong the wear of your lip color. Apply like a lip balm.

STEP 4: Now the fun begins! Time to line your lips. Lining your lips will prevent feathering, bleeding lip color and fading – make sure the point of the pencil is sharpened to ensure a crisp line. I have Urban Decay’s Ozone liner, which is clear, so it essentially works with any color. It’s a makeup bag must-have – it’s one liner than that’s replaced about twenty in my collection. For a bold lip like red or plum, I would recommend using a colored liner that matches the lipstick shade. It’s just easier to get a more precise, crisp line if you can see what you’re drawing. Rimmel makes great drugstore liners.


Take your liner and carefully draw an X on your Cupid’s bow to define it. Proceed to draw along the perimeters of your lips, connecting all of the lines. You can draw slightly over your lip line to create the illusion of a fuller mouth. I usually prefer to fill in my entire lip, but this depends of the quality of your lipstick, if you want it to last even longer, if you want to alter the lipstick color slightly, etc. It’s all personal preference.

STEP 5: Take your lipstick of choice and apply it to your lips straight from the tube, staying within the lines. For extra definition, you can take a lip brush (ELF has one for only $3!), pick up a bit of lipstick from the bullet and go over your lips. This step will make the lines look even more defined and crisp. Take a tissue to blot any excess product, then reapply the lipstick until you achieve your desired look.

bold red lips

STEP 6: Mistakes happen! If you want to clean up the edges or fix any imperfections, you can take a dab of concealer to go over the perimeter of your lips. I like using a flat angled brush (like this Sigma one) – the flat edge makes it easy to be precise during the process. For concealer, go with a full coverage on like NARS’ Radiant Creamy. Carefully blend in the concealer. That’s it! Your lipstick will last all night long.

Will you follow these steps the next time you apply lipstick? Let us know in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR.COM!

Images via BeautyTipsNTricks, Reddit, H&M

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