Prom can bring excitement but also anxiety to some. While searching for the dress, the right hairdo and perfect makeup, remember that being comfortable in your skin will be the best ingredient for a fabulous night. Get inspired by Lisa’s story about her love for makeup and how she learned to love herself through the ups and downs of her teenage years.

Lisa Estrella Yang is a mainstay on Pampadour and founder of Your Makeup Social blog. Be it exchanging beauty tricks and products or discovering her latest looks, we just love pamping with her!

In our interview, we discovered that Lisa, at only 21, is not only a beauty expert but also a remarkable advocate for helping young women build their self esteem, using her beauty skills and knowledge to encourage them to feel good about themselves. Beauty helped her cope with some difficulties growing up, and she feels that it could also help others learn what she calls “self love.”

I was raised in a big, lower-income family, the second youngest of 11 children. While I was born in the US, my family is from Laos, and arrived to the country as refugees after the Vietnam War. My ethnicity set me apart from my peers. I was bullied for being different. My passion for beauty helped me overcome this difficult phase, fight my insecurities and build my self esteem. This love for makeup happened even though, in my native culture (I am Hmong), beauty is not about looking pretty, but about the skills that a girl can learn, like cooking or sewing.

Beauty is sometimes conceived as a negative concept. But I believe beauty is not about deceiving. It’s about self expression, a form of art.

When she left for college, Lisa began creating meetings on campus with other girls to discuss beauty. In these get-togethers, the discussion often turned into a deeper conversation about self esteem. With her blog, Your Makeup Social, which spawned from her popular Facebook page, her movement became viral and she started giving advice and support to a growing community of women.

I preach ‘self love’, and while it might sound cheesy, I think that it carries a very important and positive message. My audience consists of women of all ages. Strong topics of interest for many are skincare and healthy nutrition.”

Lisa is currently attending college and majoring in sociology. Ideally, she would like to become an entrepreneur and own her own cosmetics company. With her knowledge, passion and drive, we have full faith that she can achieve this goal.

Her favorite products? She swears by coconut oil as an all-over and inexpensive moisturizer. MAC Morange, a vibrant red-orange, is her signature lip color. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Maximum Coverage Concealer is her go-to cover-up.

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