Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz are the names and brains behind the adored brand MALIN + GOETZ. To bring the brand to what it is today, both founders contributed their education, experience, and desires for what they wanted in a skincare line. Matthew Malin worked for many years in the skincare and cosmetics industry at companies such as Barneys, Kiehl’s, and Prada. Andrew Goetz worked as the Marketing Director for Vitra, a Swiss-based design manufacturer. Both applied their expertise in skin care, business, and graphic design to MALIN + GOETZ, which launched in March 2004 in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. Since becoming a Chelsea hotspot and icon, the brand has outgrown that location and moved on to a much bigger space that can fit the wholesale and shipment for their large consumer base.

What I love most about this brand is the thought and care that Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz put for their consumers and fellow local businesses. All of their products are produced, developed, and manufactured with local partners in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. This promotes sustainable, fair, and equal trade. This also allows quality and price control to benefit their consumers. Nearby production also creates more effective products. When creating their product, MALIN + GOETZ takes into consideration New York’s harsh climate. Matthew, who has suffered from rosacea, eczema, seborrhea, fragrance allergies, and dry skin wanted the brand’s products to be effective without irritating by using natural ingredients with specific technologies for each product that will keep pH levels balanced. Some of my personal favorites include Vitamin E Face MoisturizerGrapefruit Face CleanserVitamin b5 Body Moisturizer and Rum Hand + Body Wash.

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Reporting by Naomi Hakimi