Manicube is quickly revolutionizing beauty in corporate America. Read on to learn about their innovative concept of sending manicurists to your office to provide speedy, professional, beautiful manicures at the comfort of your own desk…and see why the Pampadour team is eagerly awaiting their own Manicube session!

For readers who are not familiar, can you tell us the concept behind Manicube?

Manicube was started in July 2012 with the goal of making the lives of working women easier.  The modern woman is busier than ever, juggling her obligations to career and family, leaving her very little time for herself. We believe that chipping away at a chore and saving her even an hour of her day makes a difference.

We do this by liaising with a company’s HR department to send our licensed nail technicians into the company to offer 15-minute manicures.  All employees need to do is register, choose a day and time for their service, pay online, and show up for their appointment. The flexibility of our booking system allows employees to book a time of their choosing, whether it’s in between meetings or at the beginning of their lunch break.

What was that lightbulb moment where you realized this is something the corporate world needs?

Manicube was founded by two Harvard Business School grads who realized that while women were an ever-growing presence in corporate America, men continued to dominate the culture. Women had to scramble to squeeze in a weekly manicure that would allow them to appear professional and poised. That’s when the lightbulb went off: what if there was an in-office service to make this task more convenient?

Fifteen minutes is really fast for a manicure! How are you able to complete a full-service mani so quickly?

It’s a combination of the nail technicians that we hire and the service protocols we’ve developed. Our nail technicians are extremely experienced and are trained in how to complete a full service, high quality manicure very quickly. Our protocols were designed with the busy professional in mind and minimize drying time by utilizing a quick dry top coat and quick dry drops.

Are there any trends, brands or colors you’re loving right now?

Yes, white neutrals! The Manicube team is also currently obsessed with CND Vinylux in Lobster Roll (a bright coral for summer).

Have you considered expanding into nail art?

Our customers are professional women who work in a variety of office cultures so while we do do nail art at some of our events, it’s not a primary focus for us.

What are your thoughts on gel manicures?

While gel manicures are definitely a popular option, we currently do not offer it as a service.  The main reason is that the mobile nature of our business makes it difficult for us to transport the equipment needed for gel manicures.  We do, however, recognize the need for an alternative longer-lasting manicure, which is why we offer our Long Weekend Mani which utilizes Vinylux by CND, a polish application system that, when we tested it on our nails, lasts 2 to 3 days longer than a typical manicure. It does not require a UV light or the acetone soak removal process necessary to remove gel or no-chip manicures.

What’s your advice for extending the life of a manicure – especially for a corporate girl whose nails can easily get ruined typing away all day?

Chipping can definitely be frustrating! One of our favorite tricks to a long-lasting mani is to apply a fresh layer of a clear topcoat every other day.  Not only does this help prevent chipping, but it also keeps your manicure color fresh and shiny.  The other trick is to make sure your nails are properly dried before tapping away on the keyboard.  Recognizing the importance of this, we make sure to apply a quick dry topcoat as well as quick dry drops on our customers after each manicure.   This cuts down on drying time to about 5 minutes, compared to the 10+ minute drying time needed for dryers.

What’s next for Manicube?

We are working on expanding geographically nationwide to help make the lives of even more working women easier! We will be launching in San Francisco this September.