What does an Emmy-winning celebrity makeup artist do when she has a dream? Turn it into a reality! Meet Eva Jane Bunkley, creator of our new beauty obsession, The Makeup Bullet. Read on to learn more about the innovative Bullet, what it was like to launch a new product, her beauty routine and more!

Tell us about your new product, The Makeup Bullet.

Well…The Makeup Bullet is my dream makeup applicator.  I am an artist who prefers to use sponges for a lot of applications over brushes.  For example, I never use brushes to apply foundations and creams…I prefer to use a sponge.  My challenge is two-fold though with traditional sponges…usually wedges…I am either dropping them constantly or while I am working, I lose track of where I layed it down.  The Makeup Bullet is perfect because fits snugly on a finger so while you are applying makeup you don’t have to set it down and you can still hold your other tools such as brushes.  The tip is pointed to reach every part of the face such as the corners of the eyes with ease.  I also made it black because that was just the little added touch of “sexy” that adds to the sleek design. 😉

What makes it unique compared to anything else on the market?

The fact that you can “wear” your Makeup Bullet sets it apart from any other sponge or blender on the market.  It gives the most control and precision you are going to achieve from an applicator.  The fact that you can “get in there” with only one finger is a game changer!

How did you come up with the idea?

I created The Makeup Bullet out of desire for a tool that I wished existed.  I came up with the idea sometime in the late ‘90’s out of personal desire and it took me until the beginning of 2012 to walk the path to have it created.  It took me so long to DO IT because I was seeking confirmation outside of myself.  It was a lesson learned but I do believe that I acted when the time was right in the market it and when I was mature enough to go through this process.  It’s tough and I receive a lot of discouraging news along the way…still.  It is a challenge some days to keep my emotions off “the roller coaster.”

What was the process of turning your idea into a reality?

First, I created a crude prototype on my own.  I bought a Dremmel and took some foam and sculpted it the best I was able so that I could get it to a company that could work out the kinks of producing it.  I called a number of companies here in the U.S. that work with foam and received a LOT of NO’s.  They really just didn’t do what I needed as far as the method to create my design and to tell the truth a lot of them won’t work with a start-up or a small individual because of the time and effort it takes and the risk that it might not work.  They don’t want to invest in a “maybe.”  I still have companies that tell me, come back when you have a larger order.  It can be a huge financial investment…from the patent process to the package design.  I worked as I went and put money into it as I could.  Eventually, when things began to look more promising, I took the big leap and cashed out my entire retirement account.  I figured that it wasn’t enough to retire on anyway and I really believe in this product!

If we looked in your makeup bag, what would we find?

Well, to tell you the truth, my “makeup bag” morphs.  In my purse, I keep a tube of MAC lipstick (Speak Louder Crème) and Maybelline “The Rocket” Volume Express Mascara in Black.  I love the rubbery wands for heavy deposit!  For anything deeper, I reach in my massive makeup kit!  My basic face staples are Iman Clay Medium (for my highlight) and Clay Medium Dark Pressed Powder which I apply with a dry Makeup Bullet for the heaviest coverage.  I used a damped brown eye-shadow for my eye brows using a fine angle brush and if I want a more dramatic brow, I may dip a little into a pot of my black eyeliner to mix very subtly for extra contrast.  I usually add wings to my eyeliner and have been using Maybelline’s black crème “Eye Studio” eye liner in the pot.  If I want to put a little extra effort in to my lips by using a lip brush then my fav right now is “Pretty Boy” Lip Tar by OCC!  I love the long wear and that literally a drop of product does my entire mouth!…and I have LIPS!

What products do you use everyday?

I am very “basic” when it comes to makeup on myself for every day.  Some days are, no-makeup days.  I enjoy turning it up for events though!

The Makeup Bullet ensures your skin has a flawless, beautiful finish. Can you tell us about your skincare routine?

I make sure I moisturize very well all over every day while my skin is still moist from cleansing.  Some may not agree with using a “body moisturizer” on the face but my St. Ives Collagen- Elastin has been a winner for me!  I am still wrinkle-free at age 42!  Hopefully at 50 I can still make the same claim 🙂

Where do you see The Makeup Bullet going? Any ideas for expansion?

As far as expansion of the product, we have a lot of overseas interest from women and artists.  Hopefully we will attain distribution in Canada and the UK soon.  I am also very open to licensing with other companies.  It would be a wonderful compliment to any foundation, BB Cream or face powder purchase rather than the traditional discs or wedges.