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Naz Chafe took Pampadour behind-the-scenes during New York Fashion Week with her incredible backstage hair and makeup photos and content. The beauty lover is also a prominent jewelry designer, with her gorgeous line carried in some of the world’s most exclusive stores. Follow the jump to learn about her brand, inspiration, must-have beauty products and more.

Tell us a little about your jewelry line, Naz New York.

My line is a collection of one-of-kind pieces made of rare and precious stones and beads accented with diamonds. Color, texture and shape are always present.


You started in the fashion industry – how did you make the leap into jewelry?

My husband was an importer of pearls and stones, but he never had made up jewelry, just the raw materials. I started putting things together just to wear myself. His clients loved my designs and asked me to make similar pieces for them. Little by little it grew from there, and now I have a huge line of fine jewelry and I still make everything that I would wear myself.

Your jewelry is so beautiful. Do you get inspiration from runway fashions? We know you’re a mainstay at NYFW!

Yes! The runway fashions are my biggest inspiration. With everything I design I think about what it should be worn with. The current colors, necklines, hemlines and silhouettes play a huge part.

What are some other things that inspire your designs?

Nature inspires me. I love everything about the sea. The colors and shapes. I use turquoise, coral and pearls often in my designs. A bright green tree against a vivid blue sky inspired a line of emerald and opal earrings.

What kind of women do envision wearing your jewelry?

I see a woman with an individual sense of style. A woman who wants to set herself apart and be followed by others.

Any beauty trends you’ve seen on the fall runway that you’re loving?

Right now I am obsessed with the high waisted pencil skirt and cropped top. Cut outs are a must especially for evening.

What are your must-have beauty products?

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and concealer.


When you’re getting ready for a big night out, what is your typical hair and makeup routine?

I do my hair first, using a curling iron and loosening up the waves with my fingers. For my face I use luminizing products. I love a glow! Black liquid liner, big lashes, a red lip and I’m good to go!

You’re in such great shape and your skin is really gorgeous. Can you take us through your diet & exercise routine?

I think everything has to come from the inside. I play tennis, go to the gym and watch what I eat, but the most important things that I do are drinking tons of water and doing yoga almost every day.

Tell us about your most memorable Beauty Adventure!

I was having my makeup professionally done for a party. When I asked the makeup artist to put fake lashes for me, she gave me a choice between a regular glue and a stronger one that would last longer. I thought longer lasting would definitely be better, (I hate when the inner corners start coming off) so I asked for the stronger one. The lashes stayed on perfectly that night, and I was too tired to take them off before bed. The next morning when I tried to take them off it was impossible! Makeup remover, soap and water did nothing to loosen them up. Two days later the only way to take them off was ripping my own with them!  At this point they felt like sharp sticks coming out of my eyes.

I gave up, put on some big dark sunglasses on, and went to a BBQ I was invited to. I never took the sunglasses off, but my friends could see the weird jagged lashes (half on, half off) through the glasses. It was hysterical! Everyone came to take a look. By the fourth day they finally came off using a lot of Vaseline and olive oil. Regular glue for me from now on!