MUA Rebecca Shores Mixes Fine Arts with Makeup

Incredibly talented makeup artist Rebecca Shores has always been one of Pampadour’s most devoted and lively users. She has such a wide array of knowledge about beauty and skincare that she is eager to share, and posts gorgeous YouTube tutorials and photos on the site. Read on to see how her background in fine arts has given her a unique advantage in the beauty world. She understands colors and what works on different people like no one else. Check out her eye-opening interview below. Even the biggest beauty lover will learn a thing or two.

Did you always know you wanted to be a makeup artist?

No, I did not. When I was a little girl I wanted to be an artist in fine arts, not a makeup artist. However, I did enjoy applying makeup when I was young and being a makeup artist was something I began to pursue later. I still work as an artist & graphic designer, but now my time is shared with makeup artistry.

How has your fine arts background helped you in the world of makeup artistry?

Having a degree in fine arts has helped immensely. I learned in-depth color theory, I know how light reflects and I can draw the contours of a face on a flat piece of paper. Knowing color theory, knowing how colors mix together and just being able to work with colors is what I believe is the most helpful. When color matching foundations, I can differentiate from undertones and overtones easily and whether they are pink or yellow and warm or cool. Color theory also helps with how I pair colors. If you look through my Instagram you’ll see that most looks are triadic color schemes, which is my favorite. Also, keeping lines clean and crisp isn’t something that’s difficult, since I’ve painted from a young age and I am quite comfortable with a brush in my hand.

How do you approach bridal makeup?

I make sure I know what makeup the bride wears on a daily basis, as well as what kind of look she wants for their big day. I want to make sure brides feel beautiful and help to calm their nerves on the day of their wedding.

Do you think brides should play it safe or go with a small risk on their big day?

I personally believe it’s better to go for a more timeless look on your wedding day. I wear bright and bold colors often, but for my wedding I wore a simple look that complemented my dress. A bride doesn’t want to look back on her wedding photos when she’s older and think, “Well that was trendy back then.” I also think brides should consider what makeup they normally wear when planning their wedding makeup. Brides that don’t usually wear any makeup should stay with a natural look that will still translate well in photos, but still make them feel like themselves. Those brides who wear a full face daily will probably want something more glamorous so that the wedding day makeup feels special.

You often pair a bold lip with bold eyes – how do you make that work?

When applying bold lips & eyes you need to balance out the face and keep it looking clean. Eyes and lips should balance with each other, so if I have a smokey eye which is a softer/messy look, I will keep the lines of my lips softer. If I have a wing or a cut-crease, I will keep my lip line very sharp. I also make sure to apply blush, since otherwise it can make me look washed out. I typically like to mix warms and cools for these bold looks, so if I have cool colors on my eyes and lips I’ll go for a warm blush and transition color.

What is you all-time favorite lipstick color?

MAC’s Rebel is my favorite, since you can build it up to make a deep berry or lightly blot it on for a raspberry stain.

If we looked in your makeup bag right now, what would we find?

I don’t keep my makeup in a bag unless I am traveling, so currently nothing.

What are your 3 indispensable beauty tools?

An eyelash curler, to open up the eyes and make you look more awake. Tweezers, so you can pluck a stray brow hair and apply your lashes. Z-palettes, because I prefer to have single shadows all in one palette.

For somebody who doesn’t feel comfortable taking huge risks with color, how do you recommend they start?

Start small or sheer. Add a color under your lower lash line or use a colored liner in your waterline. If you are more into lip colors, try a fun colored gloss that’s sheer and pretty easy to

What amazing beauty brand do you find to be underrated?

There are so many underrated indie brands and you don’t hear about them as much since they are not sold at the big beauty retailers. My most loved underrated indie brands are Saucebox Cosmetics for great pressed eyeshadows, Shiro Cosmetics for loose shimmer shadows, Violet Voss for glitters and glitter adhesive, and Darling Girl for duochrome shadows and blushes.

Have you ever thought about teaching a makeup class?

Yes, I have. I would consider teaching a class on application techniques or makeup and color theory. Teaching a class on makeup artistry in general may be something I would do in the future, once I have more experience in the industry.

What are the biggest challenges you face with filming YouTube videos?

Trying to just be myself, not over explaining things & dealing with the negativity online are big challenges. I am still pretty new to the YouTube community and feel it’s kind of weird to sit in front of a camera and talk to it. I am more of a quiet person and can come off as uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’ve been working on talking to the camera as if I were talking to a friend. I also have the tendency to over explain things and ramble, so I try to plan my tutorials out before I film. Lastly, the negativity that comes with putting content on the internet is difficult. While I know it’s just some random person that I don’t know personally, it can still be discouraging.

For the readers who want to get into vlogging, could you share some filming advice? What kind of camera do you use?

For those who want to get into vlogging and/or YouTube, the most important thing is to just start filming and learn how to edit. I film with a Nikon D5100. I already had this camera for art purposes, so when I started blogging & YouTube I already had a DSLR. When starting out you don’t have to have a DSLR but do make sure you’re filming in a well-lit area. You don’t need fancy lighting, just a window and daylight. You’ll also want some editing software and most cameras come with a program which is a good place to start. You can always upgrade later once you learn the basics.

Your Instagram pictures are so gorgeous – how do you get those perfect shots?

When I was in art school I learned about lighting and photography, so that helped when I first started taking Instagram photos. I shoot all my photos on my Nikon D5100 with a 35mm f/1.8 lens. I also have an 18 inch ring light plus two lotus lights, if I need extra light for the photos. I mount my camera to the ring light and use a remote to release the shutter. Using a remote makes it a lot easier since I don’t have to hold the camera. I also learned from videos on YouTube on how to look your best in photos, like slightly squinting and making sure your jawline is strong.

What is your best advice for someone who wants to get into the beauty industry?

That really depends on what part of the beauty industry they want to go into. Overall, the best advice is to work hard on networking with businesses and clients and always have business cards with you.

We always like to combine beauty with a bit of humor. Do you have any memorable Beauty Adventure story to share with us?

My best friend was getting married and she asked me to do her makeup for her wedding. On the day of the wedding, there were a few hiccups which delayed us getting to the venue where I was going to do her makeup. Once we arrived, I quickly set up as she and her bridesmaids got ready. After I was set up we needed to get started immediately on her makeup since there was very little time before the ceremony was scheduled to start. Well, long story short, that was the first time I’ve ever applied eyeshadow while the bride was applying deodorant! In the end, her makeup was done, she looked gorgeous and the wedding was a hit.



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