By Viviane Vidal, model

My first fashion shoot was in Paris. I was so excited, I have never been there before. It was an amazing experience. After work, I was invited to a party and went straight to a nail salon to get a manicure. When the technician was done, I looked at my nails…. I was horrified! She had put the polish only on the center of the nail. What was she thinking? In Brasil we are very meticulous about our manicures, we cut all cuticles, completely cover the whole nail with polish, then clean the edges with acetone. I realized that this was not the way nails were done in France… I went back to the hotel and did it myself, it definitely looked better. I was ready to party!

I live in New York now, and I am still very specific about my beauty treatments. Luckily, the Brasilian salon Maria Bonita in Soho does it all, hair, nails, massage, the real Brasilian way, which is for me, the only way to go!

Viviane’s Beauty Adventure is also an illustration series by Elisa Stangalini.