MY BEAUTY ADVENTURE: Charlie Himmelstein


Charlie “Rockstar” Himmelstein is undeniably a hot model, and not only for his pretty boy looks. The Park Slope native is also known as the “Throwdown Kid,” organizing and participating in potentially illegal underground fight clubs in the city on Friday nights, where models and fashionistas would gather to see male models throw punches at each other. Charlie was the undefeated star: quick, fearless and never concerned about ruining his perfect features. The combination of an angel face and bad boy attitude gained him extensive features in the New York Times and New York Magazine and a contract with the prestigious Major Models agency.

I have been training for eight years but only started fighting in January 2010. People always ask, doesn’t boxing conflict with your modeling career? What happens if you break your nose or have a black eye or something? There are 3 answers: (1) I’m good, a good boxer doesn’t need to get hit in the face too much. Especially at my level… 165lbs Amateur, (2) the bruises give me character, (3) and most importantly, I value Boxing over Modeling.

I did have a photo shoot the morning after a fight with model Susan Eldridge. I was nervous because I was hit bad and I had a black eye, I was hoping that the make-up artist would be able to conceal it. When the photographer saw me he decided to start shooting me with the black eye. The images came up great and they had that edge that made the editorial amazing; these shots actually helped launch my career as a model.

Image from Major Models