The Next Generation Lash Curler

Voir Creations Eyelash Curler

Millions of women have endured pinching, pulling and even dreaded accidental-cutting at the hands of their lash curlers for the ultimate goal of gorgeous, fluttery lashes. Pain is beauty, right? Well, what if you didn’t have to suffer to look beautiful? That’s the idea behind Voir Creations, a brand that will create custom curlers based on your eye shape and 3D technology.

Founder Adele Bakhtiarova is a former-molecular-biologist-turned-entrepreneur who has worked with stem cell biology and DNA sequencing fields (not a bad resume, huh?). She has turned her focus towards the world of beauty tools, taking it to the next level with advanced technology the beauty world has never seen before.

The Voir curler is designed to specifically fit your eye shape using 3D imagery gathered by a mobile app. The entire process can be broken down into three simple steps.

1. Download the Voir app and follow the simple instructions (aka take a couple of selfies).

2. Submit the photos to Voir, where servers will create a 3D model of your face and your eye shape is analyzed and measured.

3. Your custom curler is designed and shipped to you.

At only $25, this custom-made (couture?) lash curler is only five dollars more than the best-selling curlers on the market. On top of all this, the curlers feature a ‘bars-free curling mechanism,’ which essentially eliminates any and all pinching. Make this dream product a reality by contributing to Voir Creation’s Kickstarter page. They’re currently seeking $30,000 to get this ambitious project off the ground. By pledging, you are actually pre-ordering the curler! Once that goal is reached, custom curlers will be available for everyone…and your lashes will be forever grateful.