Some beauty products are mainstream, some are boutique, while others have a cult following. OCC Lip Tar falls into the latter category. The ultra-pigmented lip colors are known to be extremely long lasting – just a drop goes a very long way! We were all over them at The Makeup Show.

With fun names like Psycho, Stalker and NSFW, this brand wants to make a statement in every possible way. There are plenty of standard colors like reds, nudes and pinks (along with the crazy blues and yellows that people tend to associate with the line), but everything is so highly saturated that even a typical color will make a bold impact. The brand recommends picking up its white and black Lip Tars to lighten and darken the other shades, thus creating endless color options.

Use the Clear Lip Tar as a primer, and the lip brush that comes with the package to apply one of the over fifty color options. It goes on like a gloss, lasts longer than lipstick, and dries down to a gorgeous satin finish. On top of all that, the line is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Final verdict? Add us to the OCC converts.