By Lisa Estrella Yang

You have seen it this year on the Red Carpet and on various celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles. The Pompadour is a captivating and powerhouse hairstyle that simply cannot be missed!

Mistress of King Louis XV of France, Madame Pompadour, started this “extra volume at the crown” hair dressing in the early 20th century ( Her hair flair heavily influenced how the binary gender dressed their hair in that time period. Fast forward to the present, the Pompadour is still a hit among men and women!

Just a couple weeks ago I came across my first Pompadour hair tutorial created by Robin James and was completely awed by the hairstyle. If you’re a person that is up for a little positive hair attention, the Pompadour is the way to go, I mean, Beyonce definitely knew that! This hairstyle is a positive and confident statement that can only do you good! Say “yes” to the Pompadour and recreate the look at home.

To learn how to create the sexy Pompadour for people with mid length to long hair, watch the video below!

To learn how to create the sexy Pompadour for people with short hair, click here!