Along with discovering new products and starting discussions with fellow beauty fans, Pampadour is the perfect place to find hair and makeup how-to’s and tutorials. Read on to see how you can utilize to DIY.

CHARTS: Users post handy charts, ranging from ‘how to apply blush for your face shape’ to ‘what color eye shadow is right for your eye color’. Most of the charts posted are so convenient and useful, but you never would have thought of them – one of the many reasons the feed comes in handy.

HOW-TO PHOTOS: Don’t have time to watch a video or just want to glance at a how-to for future reference? Users flood the feed with how-to photos that detail the steps to achieving the trendiest makeup and hairstyles (see above)!

HOW-TO VIDEOS: YouTube beauty videos are huge for a reason – they’re fun, interesting and sometimes the looks are truly attainable. Pampadour simply makes the search for relatable videos quicker and easier. From hair (how to curl your hair using a flat iron) to makeup (get perfect smokey eyes), all your beauty needs are met on Pampadour.

TAGGED USER LOOKS: One of the best parts of Pampadour is real users posting their hair, makeup and nails on the site. The uploader can tag the products they used, so if you’re loving the look, pick up the products and try it out yourself!

TAGGED CELEBRITY/RUNWAY LOOKS: Many of the celebrity/runway looks posted come along with tags of the products used. Thanks to Pampadour, more than ever, you can look like your favorite star. So what are you waiting for? Log on today!