The charming Chef Roblé, star of Bravo’s addicting Chef Roblé & Co., has ventured out on a rather unexpected side project. Launching in the spring of 2014, the beloved celebrity chef will be releasing a perfume, which he refers to as a “fragrance recipe.”

Food and perfume don’t naturally go hand-in-hand (anyone remember the Eau de Pizza Hut?!), but the chef, who spoke to us at BeautyPress, made his scent sound utterly delightful.

The citrusy sweet fragrance is a combination of some of his favorite courses and dishes. Some of the components were actually on display at BeautyPress, including “Sparkling Cocktail” and “French Toast Crunch.” Yum!

We asked the chef what he likes women to smell like. “I like a woman to smell like dessert! But I also like floral/oriental scents. I love Flowerbomb, Viva la Juicy, Angel by Thierry Mugler.”

As for his own beauty secrets? Roblé swears by hair products from Carol’s Daughter. “My hair has never felt so good!”

Keep an eye out for CLIQUE by Roblé this Spring.