Celebrity hair stylist Peter Butler is behind major red carpet “hair” moments, working with the locks of Claire Danes, Natalie Portman, JLo, Emma Stone and many others. This happens when he is not on the set of fashion shoots with acclaimed photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Patric Demarchelier, and creating covers for the Sports illustrated Swimsuits Edition and Rolling Stone magazine. His work is way more complex than it appears, as he shares with The Daily Pamp.

Being from a big family has taught me to stay focused in the most chaotic situations, a talent that served me well in my career as a hair stylist. Patience is key in my field of work, as you don’t always have the time you need, and anything can create delays. When preparing a celebrity for a red carpet, I have to wait my turn and then jump in and operate in the quickest, most effective way. Often, I work with several people at the same time, such as the make up artist and nail technician, we are literally on top of each other, and things generally run more smoothly if I have worked with them before.

Things can happen, like a client is two hours delayed from the airport or stuck in traffic between two jobs. Once, an actress’ dress ripped moments before she stepped out, and I had to sew it myself because I was the only person with a thread and needle, which I always carry for hair extensions! Another time, flying to an exotic location for a shoot, they lost my luggage with all my tools. I had to make the best of it, buying what I could find from the nearest convenience store!

The experience is stressful for clients that are facing the red carpet as well, so besides making them look beautiful, I try to give them emotional support, because they are often facing one of the most crucial moments in their career. I also want their hair to look perfect for the whole evening, and the trick for a strong hold is a good blow dry at the base. Of course I have some go-to products to get the look, like Oribe’s Volumista to give volume at the roots, and for hold, Leonor Greyl’s Eclat Naturel styling cream and the classic Elnett hair spray.