Pompadour or PAMPADOUR?

When people first hear about Pampadour.com, their initial response is often, “like the hairstyle?!” To clear things up, we’ve laid out the difference between a funky pompadour hairstyle and PAMPADOUR, the social network that will revolutionize the way you discover and discuss beauty.




  1. A man’s hairstyle in which the hair is combed up from the forehead without a part.
  2. A style named for Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), mistress of King Louis XV. A beauty rule breaker who paved the way for everyone from Elvis to Rihanna…who would’ve guessed?


  1. Arrange (hair) in a pompadour.




  1. Pampadour is a place where beauty experts and novices can come together to easily discover & share new products and contribute to beauty-related discussions.
  2. Save your favorite beauty products, browse the feed to discover new products, ideas, video tutorials and more. Upload photos and videos and ‘Tag’ them with the products used. Start beauty discussions with friends, top brands, makeup artists and fellow beauty fanatics.
  3. Easily discover the latest products and purchase them in a few simple steps.
  4. A place to discover HOW exactly to create that amazing pompadour style. Join us and start pamping today!