POTTYMINTS to the Rescue!


Okay, we’ve all been there. You’re at a private party in someone’s home, and your stomach starts rumbling and you know things aren’t looking good. Maybe it was the spicy cheese puff you just downed or the spiked punch you so eagerly chugged, but you race for the bathroom and luckily make it just in time….

After your hellish relief, you hear knocking at the bathroom door. HOLY CAMOLY! You pray it’s not the handsome cutie you’ve been eyeing all night. The bathroom reeks! You search for the air freshener…there isn’t any. Perfume? Nope. You flush frantically as the knocking gets more intense. “Just a minute!” you yelp. What’s a girl to do?

This is where the genius of Pottymints comes in. Pottymints can actually save the night. They are dissolvable, disposable and portable air freshener tablets for the bathroom that you can carry in your purse. Yes, a mint for the toilet! The packaging is sophisticated and chic, and we think the name is just hysterical. Tear open a black and white packet and simply drop the white tablet into the clean bowl. Immediately after making its way into the “throne,” a subtle fragrance will fill the room, and your worries and potential embarrassment will float away. We are delighted that it doesn’t have that generic air freshener smell, but rather a lovely fragrance which may lead some to claim that their poop really does smell like roses!


I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of these genius little Pottymints at the BeautyPress Spotlight Day in early May and I just couldn’t get the idea of these out of my mind. How clever! I will be sure to carry one of these in my bag at all times, along with a few other “emergency” items that I would never leave home without. Pottymints come in travel packs of three and are also sold in larger quantities for the home and as gift bags for the hostess who has everything. To purchase these genius little necessities, click here.