The cool kid of fashion, Prabal Gurung, is collaborating with MAC Cosmetics for his first foray into the world of cosmetics. The 14-unit collection, which will launch in North America on November 26 is perfect for holiday stocking stuffers.

Gurung will preview the collection at his New York Fashion Week show on September 6. He is not shy to admit that he hopes this is only the first step to building a flourishing beauty brand.

He told¬†WWD, “my love of fashion and beauty began when I was a kid. It was my comfort, my escape. I didn’t know the beauty brands or the big designers when I was really young, but I was fascinated by the packaging and the beautiful boxes. It was almost magical. I’d see my mom come home from work and put on all this makeup and it would be a total transformation happening, and [I saw] the confidence that came with that.”

It’s no wonder, then, that the collection’s packaging is as breathtaking as it is. This could possibly be the most beautifully designed MAC collection yet, which is saying a lot! The detailed gold pieces (which are almost like collector’s editions for how gorgeous they are) come with a considerably higher price point than most MAC products. A bronzer, cream color base and buffer brush each retail for $70, while eyeshadow duos ring in at $40. The lipsticks and Lipglasses in the collection will sell for $30. Rounding out the collection are an eyeliner and Chromagraphic pencil, which will both retail for $20.

Gurung hits at the future by saying, “this was sort of a testing ground, and what an amazing testing ground it is.” He says that he would love to eventually create a signature fragrance, along with more cosmetics.

Very excited to see this collection once it hits shelves in November!

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