by Tiffany Etessami

Don’t think for a second that women are the only ones with beauty rituals. Men have beauty tricks also, and we’re not just talking about flamboyant guys with eyeliner and frosted tips. There is an entire world of secret beauty for men.

Tweezing – George W. Bush took care of his unibrow “issue” before he became leader of the free world. And it’s pretty clear that even heartthrob Zac Efron must tweeze or trim here and there to get that perfect full shape. Cleaning up those stray hairs in the middle of your face is not up for debate…shaping is not necessary, though, unless you’re going for the Jersey Shore look.

Waxing – Total manscaping can be a turnoff. Men should have some chest hair! But there’s a difference between looking masculine and looking like a caveman…that’s where waxing comes in. It has become completely acceptable, and even encouraged, for guys to remove unwanted hair. Looking like a gorilla is never cool.

Mani-Pedis – If you’re not comfortable heading down to the nail salon for a mani-pedi, that’s fine. Just please make sure to take care of your nails at home. Nothing is more unattractive than long, dirty fingernails. But take it from us, there’s nothing like spending an hour getting pampered at the salon. Try it once and you’ll never want to cut your nails yourself again. Rumor has it there are places that cater strictly to men.

Rogaine – The source of so much anxiety for men: hair loss. It’s a never-ending cycle… the more you stress over it, the more hair you lose. Enter Rogaine. Hair regrowth treatments are lifesavers for guys dealing with male pattern baldness. Just stay away from toupees – it never has and never will look real. You’re not fooling anyone.

Hair Color – Gray hair is distinguished, and if you have the confidence to rock it, it can be very sexy. That being said, many guys like the option of covering up those grays or even playing around with color just for fun. Plenty of girls have DIY dyeing horror stories though, so we suggest hitting the salon.

Ear and Nose Trimming – Here’s one beauty ritual that’s exclusive to the boys: cleaning up your ear and nose hairs. You might not think this is such an issue, but do you really thinks girls want to whisper into an ear full of hair? Yuck!

Photo: Impeccable Zac Efron captured in Nolita by Tania Hallak