Reverse Hair Washing: Why You Need to Try This Trend

reverse hair washing

The vast majority of people abide by the ‘shampoo, then condition’ hair routine. It’s simple, straight-forward and gets the job done…but what if a simple switch-up could give you your best hair yet? Reverse hair washing is the latest beauty hack to go viral. It’s exactly what it sounds like: condition before you shampoo your hair. TRESemmé has even released a new haircare system, Beauty-Full Volume, that’s specifically meant to be used in reverse order. Keep reading for all the details on reverse washing!

Is Reverse Washing Right For You?

Anyone can benefit from the reverse washing method, but it is especially ideal for those with thin or oily hair. When your hair is on the finer side, applying conditioner (even if it’s just at the ends) can weigh down your hair, making it flat or look greasy one day later. Reverse washing reduces the amount of conditioner that remains in your hair, so your hair will look fresh and full of volume longer.

What are the Exact Steps?

First things first, it’s important for your hair to be completely soaked. Rather than apply the conditioner only to the ends, when you reverse wash, you apply conditioner from root to tip. Leave it in the amount of time you normally would – about two to three minutes. Here is the part that’s a little different than normal: DO NOT RINSE THE CONDITIONER. If you rinse the conditioner, then apply shampoo, your hair will get tangled. Instead, work the shampoo into your hair, using it to remove the conditioner. After you get the shampoo into your hair, lather and rinse.

What are the Benefits?

By using the ‘reverse shampoo’ method, hair should be softer and silkier than usual. By conditioning first, there’s less of that dreaded conditioner build-up weighing down your hair. Without using any additional products, hair will be visibly less frizzy and have more volume – it’s truly incredible.

I personally wouldn’t recommend completely abandoning the traditional shampoo-then-condition method because sometimes your hair needs a good, deep wash. Use ‘reverse washing’ like you would a hair mask – something you do once in a while to give your hair a boost.

Should You Use Special Products?

Tresemme Beauty Full

You can use the shampoo and conditioner you regularly use, but brands are starting to roll out products specifically formulated for the ‘reverse washing’ routine. TRESemmé has just introduced an entire line, called Beauty-Full Volume, that revolves around the new beauty craze. Start by using the TRESemmé Pre-Wash Conditioner, then follow it up with the Reverse System Shampoo for hair that’s full, bouncy and gorgeous.

Would you try reverse washing? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo via Cosmopolitan

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    • Definitely give it a shot, and let us know if it works out for you!