A Roundup of the Most Creative Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Ssssamanthaa Maleficent

Halloween, also known as every beauty lover’s favorite holiday, is right around the corner. It’s the one night that you are encouraged to go as bold, loud and creative with your makeup as you want! Whether you’re into more classic looks or want to go all-out with something spooky and scary, there’s a tutorial for you. Keep reading for some of the best looks we’ve spotted on YouTube and get inspired.

This Maleficent-inspired look by Samantha Ravndahl (Ssssamanthaa) of Batalash Beauty is so straight-up beautiful, that it would work sans headpiece any other night of the year. That pop of green? Perfect. She used Sugarpill’s intensely pigmented Acidberry for lime green.


Showing how diverse she can be, Samantha Ravndahl went to the other end of the Halloween beauty spectrum with this White Walker look. It’s truly a work of art. Check out the video to see her transformation!


This half-skull look, shown here by Roxi of Roxxsaurus, has been popular for the past few Halloweens, and it’s obvious why. It’s pretty easy to do yourself, it’s both cute and a little scary, and you probably have all the products you need in your collection already.

Angela Lanter

With the Jem and the Holograms movie arriving in theaters soon, this rockstar-inspired look will undoubtedly be extremely popular this Halloween. Those intense pink triangles are so cool – Angela Lanter used Anastasia’s Waterproof Creme Color in Barbie Pink. Watch the transformation, in the video above.

Christen Dominique

For this vampire look by Christen Dominique, you can either do a full face of intense vampire makeup, or the half-and-half option, seen above. There’s something about the half-vampire-half-human idea that’s so unique and fun!

Desi Perkins

Have you always wanted to try a black lip? Halloween is the best time to experiment with a look you’ve been eager to try, but couldn’t take the plunge. This glamorous, Sailor Moon-inspired look by Desi Perkins is simply stunning.


Every look posted is meant to inspire, not necessarily copy step-by-step. Love this insane scary killer clown look by Shannon of Shaaanxo, but if it’s too ‘bloody’ for you, nix the neck makeup. The face makeup makes enough of a statement on its own!

Kait Nichole

A classic. You can never go wrong with a cute feline-inspired look. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This look is quick and easy, and oh-so-pretty! Love this take on it by Kait Nichole. The white eye makeup takes it to the next level.

Alva Jay

Alva Jay is so beautiful! Her videos are always fantastic. If you only do the deer part of this look, it’s pretty adorable. You can also up the gore factor by adding the bloody neck makeup. Both are super memorable.

Rebecca Shores

Rebecca Shores is a stunner; I’m absolutely obsessed with this Queen of Light makeup tutorial. She used only white makeup, but somehow doesn’t look washed out. She looks radiant! Watch the video, above, for a step-by-step how-to.

JJs Craze

Another cat look, this interpretation by Jeanett of JJsCraze brings the glamour. This look is beautiful for any non-Halloween night – just leave off the whiskers!

Claire Dim

We obviously had to include a pop art look in this roundup – does it get anymore fun?! Get into the Halloween spirit with this colorful look that pays tribute to artist Roy Lichtenstein. This interpretation by Claire Dim is unbelievable.


What do you think of these Halloween looks? Are you inspired? Let us know in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR.COM!


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