Introducing the newest addition to the Pampadour team, street photographer Dan Nabavian. Check out his take on salt ‘n’ pepper hair and going gray.


What made you decide to stick with the gray hair?

I started graying when I was 16. It’s always been a part of me. I have come to embrace it more over time, and now I really feel like it’s something that makes me distinct. I also go in and out of growing a beard, which really emphasizes the grays.

Did you ever consider coloring it?

No. It’s too much maintenance! I never felt the need to and I don’t like the idea of  covering “imperfections.” I think everyone has features that distinguish them and the point of using beauty products is to enhance your features, not cover them up.

Do you use any specific products for your salt ‘n’ pepper hair?

The one thing with having salt ‘n’ pepper hair is that it’s important to look well groomed, but natural. I keep my hair short and use a subtle matte pomade to smooth out the top and pull the sides in tight. I stay away from products like gel that would make my hair shiny and the slicked back look definitely does not work; it makes my hair look silver! It’s the last thing I want because it’s cheesy and can make me look older (I’m still relatively young, 31).

Do you think gray hair is a different issue for men and women?

I definitely think it’s more taboo for women and not as common, but I wish it wasn’t so taboo. I think even for men, in my experience, it’s a look that girls are either very attracted to or not at all. I have come across women with grays a bit more since I moved into a more hip area of Brooklyn, but less on the hair on their head; more in cases of women who don’t believe in shaving their armpits and not so much with younger girls.

Would you ever date a girl with gray hair?

I never have, but I want to say that I don’t think it would bother me. What physically attracts me to a girl is her natural features. I don’t like it when girls are too made up or look artificial, where it really feels like they are trying to cover up. That said, I think there should be a young celebrity who publicly wears her natural grays for it to become more acceptable.

Do you think your gray hair has played a role in your personal style?

I don’t have to do much to stand out at a party so I tend to dress nice, but I’m more minimal. And the plus is that it’s easy for me to look “dapper” at a formal affair.


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