How to Save Money on Makeup!


Beauty addicts are probably familiar with two things: the thrill of getting your hands on exciting, new makeup…and that sinking feeling of spending half your paycheck on products. It’s tempting to spontaneously splurge on the latest beauty products, but there’s something so satisfying about getting a great deal. Check out our tips and tricks for saving money on beauty products and getting the biggest bang for your buck!

1. No need to buy lipsticks in every shade. Use a lip liner under your lipstick to give it a whole new effect.

2. Beauty supply stores like Sephora and Ulta often have sales and promotions, so wait for the right time to buy your makeup!

3. Subscribing to your favorite brands’ newsletters will give you a heads up on specials, sales and discounts.

4. Purchasing dupes is one of the easiest ways to stretch your beauty budget. Most well-known high-end beauty products have dupes, so be sure to check out Temptalia, Pampadour and other blogs for beauty dupes!

5. It’s incredibly easy to walk into a makeup store and buy everything you lay your eyes on, so come prepared with one list of the products you need and another for the products you want.

6. Many makeup products can perform double duty. Try products like a BB cream (acts as a moisturizer and foundation) and pigments. Pigments can be used as eye shadow, blush, nail polish (when you mix it with clear polish) and lipstick (when you mix it with a balm). This can significantly cut down the amount of products you need in your routine.

7. When you get your makeup done, you often have to buy a certain amount of products with your makeover. Save your shopping for these events.

8. Investing in a good primer will allow you to go about your day without reapplying any makeup. Less touchups means less makeup used!

9. Well-known beauty bloggers typically have coupon codes listed in the description box of their Instagram and YouTube posts.

10. Makeup wedges and rounds are generally much bigger then actually needed, so cutting them in half will prolong their use.

11. Value sets and palettes are a great way to save money because you can get many products in one.

12. Samples are a great way to get more for your purchase, especially when shopping online. You can get at least 3 samples in your order when you shop on Sephora’s site.

13. A lot of product gets wasted in the bottle so use a mini-spoon in order to get every single drop out.

14. Bring in used MAC, Lush and Kiehl’s products to their stores to get a free product in return.

15. Shadows often break, but no need to throw them away. Simply fix them by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol (until the shadow is completely saturated) then smooth out the mixture with your finger and flatten it out.

16. Easier said than done, but resist the urge! Shop smart and limit splurges!

17. When you get to the end of your perfume, add the last few drops to an unscented lotion to really get the most out of it.

18. A gentle shampoo (like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo) can replace your expensive brush cleaner and do the same job.

19. Sites like Gilt and Hautelook have flash sales where you can get great deals on all different beauty brands.

20. Keep in mind that holiday season is the best time to get your major beauty shopping done! Brands are giving out extras, travel bags, samples and incredible, limited edition value sets.


Do you have any tips on saving money on makeup? Let us know in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR!