There’s definitely something in the air in Hollywood. It seems like every starlet is itching to go red for spring. There’s something so bright and vibrant about crimson locks. Maybe these celebs have discovered that it’s actually redheads, not blondes, who have more fun!

Emma Stone – America’s newest Sweetheart. She’s so bubbly and charming… it’s rare to find such a likable, poised young star. Her bright red hair only adds to her appeal. A little known secret, though, is that she’s actually a natural blonde!

Rachel McAdams – Known as a hair chameleon, Rachel is always dyeing her tresses a fun new hue. Platinum blonde in Mean Girls, brunette in The Vow, a soft red in The Notebook… she’s even added pink streaks to her hair before. Most recently, the actress has gone deep crimson for a look that’s bold and fresh.

Megan Fox – Megan is the latest star to jump on the red hair bandwagon. Although it’s just a temporary change for her new flick, Megan looks great with the new shade. It’s fun to switch things up every once in awhile.

Dianna Agron – Perhaps taking a cue from her redheaded Glee costar Jayma Mays, the famous blonde has dyed her hair an appropriately summery shade. It suits her even more than her golden locks… she might want to consider making this change permanent.

Kirsten Dunst – Kirsten burst into the spotlight as a cheery blonde in Bring It On, but her career really kicked into high gear when she went red to play Mary Jane in the Spiderman movies. She’s one of those girls who can rock any hair color and look beautiful.

Rihanna – A new day, a new hairstyle for Rihanna. The pop star often turns to fire engine red to brighten up her locks. It’s definitely show stopping, and definitely something only RiRi can pull off. Long, short, red, black, blonde, Rihanna is always trying something new… adour it.

Lily Cole – The supermodel shows how sophisticated red hair can truly be. She always stands out on the runway or in editorials because of her striking strands and gorgeous face, reminiscent of a porcelain doll.

Photos from left to right, top to bottom.

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