by Roy Hakimian, Pampadour co-founder

As early as I can remember, I always have interpreted fashion in my own way. When it comes to men’s fashion, men have not always been so adventurous in their style choices. In high school, I used to cut the elastic on the bottom of my sweat pants when that option really wasn’t cool for boys (now I tend to favor the opposite style, but that’s just my own evolution). I also risked tearing holes in my jeans and being confused as a homeless person; the confusion still exists at times when I am spotted walking down the street by an old friend that barely recognizes me.

Apparently, according to a guy friend who manages to reign the women in, I don’t wear enough cologne and I am too stylish?!? I didn’t realize that my aversion to cologne, in addition to my quirky (to say the least) style would come to bite me in the ass in a serious way. According to him, this is why I have not managed to attract the women “as he does.” Literal quote from the guy who reeks of some version of the daringly “unisex” Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.

Ironically though, I took this little bit of advice as a compliment. See, I take pride in dressing the way I want, in the crazy fashion that I think looks good, without really paying attention to rules, or caring how others are going to perceive my style. Suprising to some, it really doesn’t take me that long to get dressed because each morning I simply get inspired by something and that’s what I wear. Unlike some of my male compadres, I don’t incorporate my outfit into the exact plan of how I am going to “score” that evening. I think that’s so lame and cheesy.

But, I guess that is part of the problem here. The ladies seem to like the heavy scent of god knows what, rolling of a seemingly muscular guy who is arrogant and probably wearing the most generic outfit he could put together courtesy of Banana Republic. And, I had been single for a while now…

So I staged my own little experiment on a recent date with a girl who I actually really liked and I finagled a first date out of. I laid on the cologne to the point where I couldn’t stand smelling myself, right before she entered the car…needless to say my scent is by ODIN No. 6, not nearly as bad as my advice-doling compadre. I really wasn’t sure how she would react, and I was getting more nauseous as she approached my car. The date ended up being a hit. Not to sell myself so short to say that the trick was the only thing that did it, but it may have surprisingly helped? I easily scheduled a second date, which is hard to come by these days. So hmm, then most guys just may have it right?

That would be too easy a conclusion, my friends. Of course, despite my little adventure, I have to say, I really will not change. What makes me who I am is my personal style. I don’t like to conform or tone down my creativity portrayed through fashion for anybody! But, I do wear cologne now. ODIN No.6 has become my staple scent.