In the world of beauty, nothing surprises us anymore. Case in point: the dentist’s office.

Dr. Justin Rashbaum doesn’t merely give New Yorkers pearly whites…his office offers Botox and Restylane injections, among other cutting edge procedures. How did he get involved in this seemingly random side project? “If you were to invest your money in a beautiful Picasso painting, you would want to frame it and display it in the best possible light,” explains the Doctor. “The same goes for beautiful teeth. I think Botox and fillers can be an easy, subtle way to frame your smile.”

You’re definitely thinking, “why should I have my dentist perform this when there’s a plethora of specialists who are more qualified?” Don’t worry about that because Dr. Rashbaum is more than qualified to perform the procedures. Plus, getting a little work done is not exactly something you want to shout from the rooftops. Nobody wants to be seen stepping out from the plastic surgeon office. And some women might not want any words implying “botox” or “plastic surgery” to show on their credit card bill.

This week’s Daily Pamp theme is Secret Beauty, and what embodies that more than this covert cover-up for the secret that may be keep these ladies looking young? If anyone asks, just say you were at the dentist’s office!

Dr. Justin Rashbaum – 1410 Broadway #3004  New York – Tel. 212.391.1385