Skin Care’s New Direction…

Everyone is always looking for the latest and greatest way to get glowing, luminous, lit-from-within skin. A beautiful complexion is the greatest base. Usually people turn to creams, cleansers and serums, but it seems like lately the source of flawless skin is coming from juice rather than a jar.

Juice companies like Juice Press and The Super Elixir are marketing themselves as beauty brands. “More people, especially women, look to juicing as part of their beauty regimen,” says Eric Helms, CEO and founder of Juice Generation.

Ingestible beauty has been around for ages, but it seems like juicing is being taken quite seriously, popping up at retailers like Selfridges and Net-a-Porter. It seems like juices and shakes are a complement to standard skin care, and retailers want to keep up.

Selfridges sells The Super Elixir and reports that it’s already one of the top 5 brands in their skin and body department. A 300 g. bottle is priced at $80.

The entire juicing industry is stepping up its game. Juice Generation is adding interesting, stimulating ingredients to its drinks, like charcoal, which has proven beauty benefits and can prevent chemicals from absorbing into skin. (Check out our post on charcoal beauty here!)

What is the bottom line of this new trend of drinking your beauty routine? “[When drinking juice on a regular basis] you may not find yourself needing seven different products to fake a glowing complexion, you’ll have one naturally,” said Alex Jay of Juice Press.

Sounds good to us.

Image via WWD