Do you ever think about skincare down under? Founded by Emily Morse and Tony Sosnick, their eponymous product line, Emily & Tony, combines the worlds of sex and beauty.

The name Emily Morse may ring a bell. The self-proclaimed ‘sexpert’ is a Bravo TV personality. She stars in Miss Advised, which follows the interesting lives of three relationship experts navigating through their own dating issues. She is also an author, hosts a popular radio show, Sex with Emily, and is a ‘Kegel Camp’ counselor. You read that, right… find out more about that in this funny video. Emily has managed to find time in her busy schedule to team up with premier skincare company, Anthony Brands. Anthony is know for its phenomenal line of men’s skincare and grooming, so Emily & Tony adds a fun and rather unexpected twist to their line of products.

One eye-catching product of note is DownUnder Comfort, which pretty much does what the name suggests. This cream transforms into a light powder to keep everything fresh and clean. A little secret: this product is actually multipurpose and can be used all over your body, even as a makeshift deodorant to prevent sweat stains.

Explore their entire line of products here.