Makeup Geek, founded by Marlena Stell, is one of the first makeup brands to prove the power of social media. In 2008, Stell began her YouTube channel, and shortly after it took off, she branched into her own cosmetics line. The line was an instant success: since she was selling directly through her site, with no middle man, she was able to keep prices low while quality remained high. Over the years, the brand has expanded exponentially, with exciting new products launched frequently. To discover what makes Makeup Geek so special, keep reading!



Eyeshadow Pans: Makeup Geek wasn’t the first brand to introduce the concept of putting makeup pans into a Z Palette, but before their affordable shadows, it was a technique that was mostly used by professional makeup artists. With their shadow pans, you can create and customize a palette that works for you, so you’ll never be left with untouched shadows in a palette. Pick out whichever pans work for your collection. Mix, match and have fun! The shadows are incredibly creamy, easy-to-blend, pigmented and there’s virtually every color under the sun to choose from. Neutrals, smoky shades, brights, pastels and jewel tones – Makeup Geek has it all! ($6)


Z Palettes: If you watch YouTube beauty videos, you’ve heard the term ‘Z Palette’ countless times, but what exactly is it? A Z Palette is an empty, magnetic palette that you can place makeup pans in (dozens, depending on the size you pick) to create a completely customized set. A small Z Palette has room for nine eyeshadow pans – perfect for traveling. With a large one, you can fit 27 eyeshadow pans, or a combo of eyeshadow and larger blush and contour pans – whatever works for you! The site also offers some completed Z Palettes if you want to take the guesswork out of it. ($13.99-28 for empty palettes; $59-160 for completed)



Foiled Eyeshadows: These shadows were the first Makeup Geek product that I saw and needed that second. So intensely pigmented, so sparkly and show-stopping, this collection of shadows is beyond compare. The unique formula is a hybrid between cream and powder shadows, so you can just pop it onto your lid with your finger for a perfect finishing touch. Standout colors include In The Spotlight, a soft pink with coral undertones, and Center Stage, a bright royal blue. ($10)


Sparklers: Makeup Geek’s Sparklers deliver glittery goodness like no other. These loose pigments are perfect whenever you want to make maximum impact with your eye look. Apply them with a strong glitter glue to minimize fallout. The only downside, which the brand itself acknowledges, is that the product can get messy. The packaging doesn’t currently come with a sifter, which typically makes application much more seamless. They’re working on retooling the packaging, so in the meantime, they’ve lowered the price as compensation! Give it a try if you want a truly dazzling look.($10)


Duochrome Pigments & Pans: Makeup Geek’s Duochrome Collection is available in both loose pigment and pan forms. The highly pigmented products are a chameleon-like beauty product. The color instantly changes based on the way light hits your eyes. I love these shadows because they look so multi-dimensional and complex, but in reality, you only need to use one for a beautiful look. No one will believe you used just one shadow! Go with either the pressed or loose formula, whatever you feel more comfortable working with – you can’t go wrong either way! Check out swatches of the Duochrome shadows in this amazing video by Rebecca Shores.($6 for pan; $12 for pigment)




Blush Pans & Compacts: The only Makeup Geek products to come in compact form, as well as pan, are their blushes. Smooth, easy-to-blend and amazingly pigmented, their blush line is phenomenal. Fill a Z Palette with different shades, or get your must-have in compact form, these are some of the best blushes around – the quality is comparable to brands carried in Sephora, at half the price. The cult-favorite shade is Spell Bound, a pretty, pale salmon shade, that complements virtually every makeup look. ($9.99 for pan; $12.99 for compact)


Contour Powders: The latest addition to the Makeup Geek family is one of the best yet! The brand has just come out with eight contour shades that work for a vast array of skin tones – there’s truly something for everyone. The most common complaint with contour kits is that you end up using just the one or two that work for you, and the rest go to waste. With these individual pans, you can use the shades that are perfect for you – and repurchase it when you’re done. At $10 per pan, it’s a great way to save money, compared to the $40+ contour kits on the market. They’re very pigmented and buttery smooth, so a little goes a long way in achieving a perfectly contoured cheekbone. ($10)


manny mua palette

Manny MUA x Makeup Geek Palette: Arguably the hottest palette of 2016 so far, YouTube superstar Manny MUA’s collaboration with Makeup Geek was a runaway success. The palette includes some classic MUG shades, like Beaches & Cream, plus fresh, unique shades that have become instantly iconic. YouTube has been flooded with inspiring looks using this must-have set. While the palette sold out almost immediately, it should be restocked in the next few weeks. Keep checking, HERE. ($45)

makeup geek spectrum eyeliner

Spectrum Eyeliner: The latest from Makeup Geek: glide-on eyeliners! These creamy pencils should debut in the next few weeks, and if they’re anything like the rest of the MUG line, they will be high quality and very affordable. There are classic shades like black and brown, plus fun additions like Orchid and Mint. Stay tuned for more details! (Photo via @TheMakeupFav)

Are you a Makeup Geek fan? Which of their products are your favorites, and which are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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