Every once in a while it is crucial to dig through all your makeup and toss what’s old/empty/expired. Using expired makeup can lead to many issues including breakouts and irritation. It’s time to spring clean your makeup bag… and, hey, use this as an excuse to go on a little beauty shopping spree!

Mascara – A rule of thumb… if you don’t know how old your mascara is, it’s probably time to toss it! Mascara has a short shelf life of three months. Past that point, it begins collecting bacteria that can both irritate and infect your sensitive eyes.

Lotion – Be it for your face or body, lotion is useless after two years. If the color or smell has changed, that’s also a sign that it’s time to get a new one.

Nail polish – You probably have dozens of polishes sitting in your bathroom – from Chanel to Essie to OPI. Go through your entire collection… if you find polishes that look clumpy or don’t blend well when shaken, you should ditch them.

Powders and shadows – These products should last a good two years. Since eye shadow has such a long shelf life, it’s worth investing in a high quality, expensive one that will truly have brilliant color and pigment.

Foundation – Pick up a new foundation once a year. Many people use one shade during the winter and one during the summer, though. If that’s the case for you, just toss it at the end of the season.

Lipstick – If you’re anything like me, you have lipsticks in your bag from years ago, but lipsticks and lip liners should actually be replaced after one year.

Perfume – Any perfume collector knows that it can last a long time… up to ten years! Just keep it in a cool, dark place and as long as the color or odor doesn’t noticeably change, your perfume is safe to spray!

Makeup bag – Once you sort through all of your products, give your makeup bag a good wash… or better yet, treat yourself to a new one! MAC has a ton of cute cases. This bag holds so much precious cargo – it’s important to treat it with care!