StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Drier: Clean Your Brushes in 10 Seconds


Do you put off cleaning your makeup brushes as long as you can? Do you find the task of cleaning your brushes to be tedious? With StylPro, an innovative brush cleaner/drier, you can have your brushes looking like new in ten seconds. Keep reading to learn more.

I discovered StylPro from YouTube beauty guru, Wayne Goss. He posted a video raving about the ingenious product, plus shares a demo. It’s something you have to see to believe – he cleans and dries a visibly dirty brush in ten seconds flat. See it for yourself, here:

The product was invented by Tom Pellereau, who won BBC’s The Apprentice. Not only does the StylPro clean your brushes faster than anything else on the market…the brand claims it’s more hygienic than traditional cleaning methods. By using a special centrifugal spin technology, brushes are completely dry in seconds. Compare that to the traditional hours it usually takes for a brush to dry, and it’s a no-brainer. This is something you need in your life.

The StylPro comes with the StylPro device, an attachment spindle, a glass cleaning bowl, 8 silicone collars (they’re all in different sizes to fit all of your different brushes), a collar stand and an instruction booklet.

Pour a brush cleaner (or soap and water) into the glass bowl. Grab the silicone collar that best fits the brush you wish to clean. Attach the brush and collar to the StylPro device…now you’re ready to start cleaning.

Swirl the brush into the cleansing solution for a second or two, then switch on the StylPro and watch as it cleans your brush before your eyes. With the StylPro on, keep your brush in the solution for about ten seconds. Then, lift the brush into the air, and let it continue spinning. It spins at such a rapid pace that the brush truly dries before your eyes.

The fact that you can use your brushes immediately after using the StylPro is what makes this a must-have. If you have dozens of brushes, this will definitely save you time…and it could even get you excited about brush cleaning!

The StylPro is available primarily in the UK, though it can be shipped to the US if you’re willing to pay more for shipping. When it becomes more readily available in the US, we will update you. If you’re still interested, you can purchase the StylPro from!

Image via StylFile

Will you try the StylPro? What’s your favorite way to clean your brushes? Let us know in the comments below!

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