How to Take Your Best Makeup Selfie

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Whether you do it unapologetically or ironically, everyone is guilty of taking a selfie or two (or thousands…). The selfie is here to stay – the word has even been added to the Oxford dictionary – so we’ve decided to share a few tips and tricks that will ensure you look picture perfect in every single snap. Move aside, Kim Kardashian; it’s your turn to step into the selfie spotlight!

IT’S ALL ABOUT LIGHTING: The number one trick to achieving a gorgeous selfie is finding the right lighting. Far and away, the best light is natural light. Try to take your selfie during the day. If you’re indoors, stand by a window and let the sunshine land on your face. Sunlight will minimize minor imperfections, like pores, and enhance that covetable lit-from-within glow. If you want to take your selfie at night or simply can’t find good lighting, consider investing in a Lumee case. This genius iPhone case is made especially for taking selfies: there are little LED lights running down the sides of the case, so you have beautiful, soft light highlighting your face in every photo.

HOLD YOUR PHONE AT THAT PERFECT ANGLE: Ever notice that some people have their head tilted the same way in every single photo they take? Odds are that is fully intentional. Those people know the angle that is most flattering for them. Every person has a ‘good side’ and there is nothing wrong with owning that! Play around with different tilts of your head until you find your angle. Beginner’s tip: hold the camera slightly higher than your face and point it down for a slimming effect.

KEEP YOUR HAND STILL: If you have a newer phone, your camera is probably advanced enough to take a clear photo, but you should still make a point of keeping your hand as still as possible to ensure the photo doesn’t end up blurry. There’s nothing worse than taking a great selfie, perfect lighting and pose, and looking back at it and seeing it’s not crystal clear.

GOOD POSTURE IS KEY: Even if your selfie focuses mainly on your face, posture is key. Keep your shoulders back and sit up straight…if your body peeks through in the photo, you don’t want to appear slouching or look uncomfortable.

AVOID THE MULTI-CHIN EFFECT: Another benefit of good posture? It will drastically reduce the appearance of a double chin. Keep your shoulders back and extend your neck forward. While it may feel a little odd, you will photograph beautifully. Remember to hold the camera slightly higher for the most flattering angle. Also, unless you have a perfectly symmetrical face, it’s usually a better idea to pose at a tilted angle, rather than face-forward. A head-on pose can look too harsh or severe.

CHEESY POSES ARE A NO: Avoid falling into the selfie cliché traps of the duck face, peace sign or anything like that. Rather than ‘strike a pose,’ go for something more subtle and understated. While it may sound corny, the ‘smize’ (smiling with your eyes) is always a good idea – you’ll look alert and confident. And if you’re not thrilled with the poses you’re testing out, remember that there’s nothing more beautiful than a happy, true SMILE.

SNAP AWAY: Ever see a beauty blogger post an absolutely stunning selfie on Instagram, and wonder how in the world someone can be so photogenic? It’s important to remember that for every photo that makes the cut to social media, there were dozens (or possibly hundreds!) that didn’t. Most beauty girls acknowledge that they take tons and tons of selfies until they land on that perfect one. Hey, there’s a reason smartphones have so much memory space!

MYSTERY IS ENCHANTING: There’s something so sultry about a selfie that only highlights a part of your face. Whether it’s a profile shot to show off your intense illuminating glow, or some hair falling over one eye to focus on your dramatic winged liner, keeping mystery alive makes for a great photo. Try it the next time you want to focus on a specific part of your makeup.

EMBRACE FILTERS…BUT DON’T OVERDO IT: In moderation, filters are fantastic. They can make you look more awake by brightening up your face, or add some extra drama to a photo. I’m partial to Instagram’s Valencia – it’s natural, pretty and subtle. Just make sure not to get too filter-happy: what’s the point of taking a selfie of your gorgeous makeup if you completely warp the color to something it’s not?!

EDIT, EDIT, EDIT: Don’t forget that most phones today have great photo editing apps. You can lighten up, saturate or focus the photo to make improvements. It’s a great way to tweak your photo minus filters.

BE CONFIDENT & HAVE FUN: Lighten up! Selfies aren’t meant to be taken so seriously. When you’re having fun and feeling good, that shows in the photo you’re taking. Real happiness is evident on your face, so take your selfies when you’re in a happy, relaxed mood. Enjoy taking your photos!!

What do you think of these tips? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below and on PAMPADOUR!

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