Thankfully, I have not yet encountered that fateful moment where I come across one long stray gray hair and proceed to have a full-blown panic attack. Yes, some women have the poise and self-confidence to proudly work a shiny, silver mane. I am not one of those women. I’ve heard wild stories – from quickly coating roots with jet black mascara to compulsively pulling out hair – that have made me completely dread that inevitable moment. Fortunately, we live in modern times where quick fixes to our first world problems come about every day. Let’s look into the solutions to going gray, shall we?

For the lazy girls, there’s the quick and easy Root Concealer by Rita Hazan. Available in five shades, this aerosol spray temporarily covers gray roots. Perfect for a touchup between salon visits… you can put that aforementioned mascara away. Or use it on, you know, your lashes…

Heading to the salon? You could take the simple route and dye it back to your natural color, but why not have some fun with it? Add some pink or bright highlights to your hair… go all out. Cut it into a trendy cut like ‘The Chop’ – hair that’s gone gray tends to become drier and more difficult to manage, so it’s the perfect excuse to go short. If these ideas scare you, remember it’s just hair – it grows.

And now may I present the ultimate dream that could potentially become reality: L’Oreal patented a secret formula that could ultimately prevent gray hair. This innovation sent shockwaves through the beauty industry last month. The actual patent is much more scientific and wordy than that, but that’s pretty much all you need to know, right? There aren’t many details right now, but even the idea of this is pretty incredible.

Hopefully these suggestions have calmed your fears over going gray and given you hope for a bright, glossy haired future. Panic attack averted – that is, until you find your first hair… down there. Ugh, sometimes it’s really tough to be a woman.

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