It’s doubtful that in the entire history of this great nation have the body parts of a political figure created so much commotion. The First Lady’s arms are the things of legend. They have created a ridiculous spike in arm liposuction procedures, are more coveted than celebrities like Jennifer Aniston’s and have even inspired a Tumblr page… Want to get these arms for yourself? Follow this workout routine to get the MObama look.

The First Lady’s longtime trainer, Cornell McClellan (working with her since 1997), has spoken out about her surprisingly easy routine. All you need is nine minutes and a set of dumbbells. Really.

Begin by lying flat on the floor and tightening your core, hips and glutes. Hold a dumbbell in each hand (use one that is between five and fifteen pounds) and, starting with hands by your ears and elbows pointed towards the ceiling, extend the weights towards the ceiling by straightening your elbows. Do twelve to fifteen reps of this.

Following this exercise, stand up and hold the dumbbells with your elbows pointed towards the ceiling. Extend your arms up, and let them fall behind your end. For this move, also do between twelve to fifteen repetitions.

Those exercises worked out your triceps, the following are for your biceps. Begin by holding your dumbbells and keeping your elbows bent at your sides. Bring your hands as far down as possible, with your palms facing the ceiling, then curl the dumbbells up. Do fifteen repetitions.

Follow by turning your palms to face each other, with your arms bent, elbows at your side. Raise your arms up and down alternately for 15 reps. For the last part of the workout, relax a bit by sitting in a chair. While seated, hold a dumbbell in your right hand and press your elbow against your inner right thigh. Extend your arm towards the floor, then curl it up. Repeat this fifteen times, and continue with the left arm.

Phew! Now you know how the First Lady keeps in shape. Try it out yourself… good luck!