While we love pretty much her entire line, we’ve selected our absolute favorite J’ai of Beverly Hills products. Good news: by participating in the J’ai Pamp Party, you could win the skin care items mentioned below!

CORRECTION PADS – Absolutely essential for anyone with acne or occasional breakouts. They’re also great for traveling or using post-gym workouts.

GENTLE CLEANSER – J’ai’s Gentle Cleanser encourages brighter, smoother, more refined skin. Use daily for a subtly radiant glow.

BALANCING SCRUB – Tiny diamond crystals gently remove dead skin to stimulate faster growth and collagen production. The scrub effectively removes sun spots, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces acne scarring.

OXYGEN CREAM – This skin renewal cream increases collagen and elastin to allow for younger looking, glowing skin. An incredible anti-aging products.

While J’ai is arguably known for her skin care products, she also has a vast line of color cosmetics. Here are some of our favorites:

BRAZILIAN BRONZER – This duo of two gorgeous, golden shade creates a natural glow that will make it appear as though you just got back from the tropics.

HIGH DEFINITION MASCARA – This volumizing mascara – which J’ai herself can’t live without – leaves lashes long and defined.

LIPSHINE SPF 15 – We can’t resist a lipstick that looks good and is good for you! This lipstick provides sheer coverage, along with SPF protection. Available in three beautiful colors, you’ll want to collect them all.

To discover more J’ai of Beverly Hills products, check out their Pampadour brand page.