Meet Senorita Xlena, a prominent YouTube vlogger, whose fun, easy-to-follow makeup videos have garnered thousands of views. We talked to her about vlogging, new products and all things beauty!

Your videos are so fun to watch! Why did you decide to become a vlogger?

Vlogging was something that I had been interested in for a while, but I held back until the beginning of this year because I worried about what my peers, family, friends, and strangers on the web would say. However, I decided to go forward with the decision to become a vlogger because I realized that it was important to make my own decisions, rather than influence my decisions based on others’ thoughts. As a result, I started vlogging in January of 2013 as a new hobby to kick off the new year. 

How do you decide what products to feature?

When you watch my older videos, you’ll see me use whichever products I felt like incorporating into my video. For example, I once did a sapphire eye look, so I used a Maybelline palette that had amazing eyeshadows for the tutorial. Recently, I’ve been focused on swatches and demos of new products out on the market. I think it’s a helpful guide that can allow women to see great visuals of the items before they decide to purchase it.

Do you rehearse your videos, or do you kind of wing it?

I do a mix of both. Sometimes, I feel like it’s necessary to rehearse; other times, it feels more natural just to wing it.

What are some of your favorite vlogs and blogs. Why?

For blogs, I love It is hands-down my favorite blog. I love how detailed and informative the blogger (Christine) is. She posts high quality pictures of the products, writes helpful reviews, and answers any questions that you may have very promptly.

For vlogs, I’m in love with ‘itsjudytime’, ‘fashionista804’, ‘jlovesmac1’, and ‘hollyannaeree’. I’ve been following these ladies since they started on YouTube and they are so entertaining to watch! I also love how I have been able to witness their progression and success on YouTube throughout the years.

Tell us about your daily makeup routine.

My daily makeup routine is comprised of a neutral eye with a bold lip. I think lipsticks are great statement pieces. If you want an innocent look, pop on a baby pink lipstick. If you want to feel sexy, wear a bloody red lipstick. If you want to feel fierce, try a wine-colored lipstick. If you want to feel ultra feminine, wear a fuchsia-colored lipstick. I am able to alter how I look and feel, just by switching up my lip color and I love that.

What’s your ideal look for the holidays?

For the holidays, I will definitely be incorporating glitter into my eye looks. Whether it is with a neutral eye or a dark smokey eye, I think glitter gives any look that “oomph”. I think red lipsticks are also perfect for the season!

Any new products you’re excited about?

Benefit just came out with a new tinted lip and cheek stain called Lollitint. I just placed my online order, so I’m waiting for it to arrive. Based on the pictures, I think I am going to be in love with it! I am also excited for the new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I just wish they would release it already! 

If we looked inside your bag right now, what beauty products would we find?

You would find an EOS lip balm, mascara, a black eyeliner, and oil blotting sheets.

What are your all-time favorite products?

My first all-time favorite product is my Urban Decay Naked palette (#1). That palette is amazing. I’ve been able to create numerous looks ranging from neutral to smoky, for day or night. Its convenient size has also made it a great palette to take while traveling. I’m also in love with Red Cherry #48 lashes. I think I could live the rest of my life using those lashes; they’re amazing. Lastly, MAC’s Fix+ is another all-time favorite product. I recommend it to everyone! It adds moisture to my skin, helps set my face so that my foundation doesn’t look too cakey, and leaves my skin feeling fresh! The smell is also very pleasant as well.

Are you more of a drugstore girl or high-end lover?

I am a drugstore girl when it comes to mascaras, eyeliners, lip balms, and brow pencils. I am a high-end lover when it comes to foundations, primers, lipsticks, and eyeshadows.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into vlogging?

If vlogging is something that you’re very interested in doing, go for it, but make sure you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. There can be mean people on the web who may leave rude comments. But remind yourself that even though one person may leave a rude comment, ten other people will be pouring you love! In addition, great lighting is so important. It can really alter the quality of your video, so keep that in mind when you start filming.