Prom hair, makeup and dresses are things most people look back on and cringe and laugh about. The same goes for the high school movies and TV shows we love so much. Read on for our favorite prom looks on screen.

Pretty in Pink – Molly Ringwald’s DIY ‘80s dress is the dress you picture when you think of prom movies. Objectively speaking, it’s not a gorgeous dress, but it’s so iconic that you can’t help but love it.

Never Been Kissed – Josie Grossie. Your heart just broke for Josie during that awkward flashback to her actual prom when the popular kids played a cruel prank on her. She got redemption, though, when she got to redo her prom night a few years later.

Friends – The Friends flashback episodes are amongst the show’s most memorable – bad ‘80s hair! Fat Monica! Rachel’s old nose! Nothing beats Ross’ Jewfro, mustache and “sexy” stare, though. What a lovable dork.

Footloose – Super 1980s, but still cute… Ariel’s prom look was sweet and feminine. Plus, she didn’t have tons of fabric holding her back from dancing the night away. The Footloose song is stuck in your head now, isn’t it?

10 Things I Hate About You – Poodle curls aside, Kat’s simple navy gown and string of pearls is an undeniably classic, albeit safe, prom look.

Mean Girls – From Janis Ian’s purple tux to Cady arriving in her Mathletes varsity jacket, the Mean Girls prom was full of distinctive sartorial moments. The one that topped them all, though, was queen bee Regina George arriving in a full body brace and still managing to look gorgeous. Take note of the flowers she put around her head brace. Regina George: hipster trendsetter?

Napoleon Dynamite – This couples takes ‘awkward’ to the next level. With her pink, puffy dress and side ponytail, Napoleon’s prom date is the only person who can measure up to his, for lack of a better word, unique style.

Gossip Girl – With her elaborately embroidered Marchesa ball gown, Blair Waldorf looked positively regal at her prom. We wouldn’t expect anything else from the reigning queen of the Upper East Side.

American Pie – More than a decade later, this is still the quintessential end-of-high-school movie, so it obviously had to culminate with a major prom scene. All of the girls looked pretty in a 1999 way, but the look that really stood out was Jim’s powder blue tux. So clueless.

Beverly Hills, 90210 – The most classic case of ‘who wore it best?’ ever captured on screen. Kelly and Brenda showed up wearing the same black and white dress, and both refused to change. So twenty years later, the question remains… who rocked it?

Films featured from left to right, top to bottom.