The Power of Makeup: Amazing Beauty Transformations

Shalom Nchom

Earlier this week, images of Shalom Nchom went viral. She’s a stunning 20-year old makeup artist who is also a burn survivor. When she was nine, she was involved in an accident that left her with severe burns. She learned how to do makeup (flawlessly, I might add) to make her feel more comfortable in her skin and new life. Her motto – “you should love yourself either way: makeup or no makeup.” – is something we truly believe in at Pampadour. We were deeply inspired by Shalom and her story. Keep reading for more amazing beauty transformations, and discover #ThePowerofMakeup.

Alina Michelle

Makeup isn’t supposed to be a mask. It’s about using products to emphasize your best features and enhance your natural beauty. Alina Michelle used foundation and contouring to conceal some dark spots and discoloration on her client, then used eyeliner and mascara to draw attention to her gorgeous eyes.

Karen Castro

Karen Castro’s client already had fairly good skin, but she had some bags under her eyes. This photo is proof of the magic of concealer. I personally cannot leave the house without it – it’s my ultimate holy grail product. Maybelline’s Age Rewind is perfect for erasing dark circles and brightening up the under-eye area.

Ahmad Ahmad

Ahmad Ahmad is a protege of the legendary Samer Khouzami, and it seems like his contouring skills are on the same level. Using foundation, concealer and bronzer, he was able to give a woman with discoloration and dull skin a flawless complexion. This is absolutely incredible.

Samer Khouzami

Samer Khouzami’s unique approach to contouring (using creams in creative ways to give people beautiful skin) is world-famous. He is the Contour King. Check out this pictorial to get an idea of his magic touch. He contours every client in a different way, emphasizing and concealing different features depending on what would look best on them. For easy-to-blend and smooth cream contours, try Anastasia’s newly redesigned Cream Contour Kit.


Em Ford

Em Ford is inspirational, especially for those suffering from acne and rosacea. She has never hidden her skin imperfections – rather, she details her journey with skin issues on her YouTube channel. She shows her followers how to beautifully cover up their acne (her skin looks perfect once she’s done with her foundation routine), but also preaches being comfortable and confident in your own skin, with or without makeup.


Eyebrows frame your entire face. Makeup lovers know the importance of good brows – hence the growing popularity of brow pencils, pomades, powders and gels. YenniFang Makeup transformed her client’s entire face by giving her beautiful bold brows.



PatrickStarrr’s YouTube videos are simply a joy to watch. He has such a fun personality and he is so glam! Isn’t this side-by-side amazing?

Christen Dominique

Christen Dominique is known for her fierce, glamorous beauty looks – very bronzed and sultry. These #PowerofMakeup images and videos are so inspirational because it proves that everyone is beautiful in every form. No makeup or with makeup – you should aim to feel confident both ways and always love yourself.

Jade Marie

My life changed when I discovered the difference nose contouring can make. I never loved my nose, so learning how to use a bit of bronzer to completely change the shape was mind-blowing and increased my confidence immensely. Jade Marie often shares nose contour before-and-afters on her page – the proof is in the pictures. For this contour, she used Too Faced’s Milk Chocolate Bronzer, Artist Couture’s Illuminati Glow Powder to highlight and Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder to set it all in place.

Maya Mansour

If you have under-eye circles, bags or anything around your eye area that you want to conceal, consider a smoky eye. Smoking out your lower lash line with dark shadows over a concealed under-eye do more to cover up the area than using concealer alone. Maya Mansour went with a classic black smoky for her client and highlighted her beautiful green eyes.


Redness and rosacea can peek through even the best foundations sometimes – that’s why color correcting has become such a hot trend recently. Use green products underneath your foundation to combat any redness in your skin, then layer foundation and concealer on top. To learn more about color correcting, click HERE. (Photo via @Inner_Beauty_Inspirations)

Wendy Tran

Illuminators and highlighters can add such life to your skin. Skillful highlighting and contouring can give the appearance of higher cheekbones, a slimmer nose…whatever you desire. Wendy Tran shares her beautiful contouring here. For more on the basics of contouring, check out this blog post.

Cara Brook

Cara Brook gave her mother-in-law a little makeover, and shows that an understated look can be just as beautiful as a more dramatic one. With little tweaks like filled-in brows, a pop of blush and a swipe of gloss, she gave her an effortless, stunning look.

Cassandra Bankson

Cassandra Bankson inspired millions with her acne foundation routine. The viral video shows her concealing her cystic acne. The end result is flawless, but her personality is the thing that is truly awe-inspiring. She is a beautiful person inside and out.

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