All women have a complicated relationship with their hair. The grass always seems to be greener on the other side. If you have curly hair, you want it to be straight. If you are a Chocolatey brunette, you probably wish you were a blonde. The Daily Pamp spoke to Angela Middleton, creative director at A. Marcus Group, about her own personal hair journey.

Why did you originally decide to get a weave?

As a child with my type of hair, you beg your mother to always straighten it. After decades of relaxing and straightening your hair, with perms and relaxing treatments, you realize that it’s not good for you. You get sores on your head, your hair starts falling out and, after a while, you don’t even know what the natural texture of your hair is!

What was the process of getting your weave?

I searched forever for a perfect salon and finally put my faith and trust in the hands of Tina Pearson at Tina Pearson Salon. We initially continued doing the perm and relaxing, and then started the process of weaning off of it. We cut my hair shorter and shorter through time to allow my natural hair to slowly grow out. And then came the weave.

How long did you have it in?

I wanted the weave in until I reached the point where I was comfortable with wearing my hair naturally. For me, this was mainly about having it a certain length. Putting in the weave would allow my hair to grow out and be healthy without making me feel uncomfortable with short or mid-length hair.

What’s the process of actually getting your weave in?

Well, first you need to have good weave and a trusted stylist. You get to pick out the texture of the hair you want. They cornrow your whole head and then the weave is physically sewn into your head. You also have to continue to go in and tighten the weave as your hair grows. It’s painful at times (hate the tightening part), but it becomes addictive because it’s really “no fuss hair.”

What distinguishes a good weave from a bad one?

The grade of hair and where it comes from makes a difference and having real hair versus synthetic is always better. More importantly, it’s your salon and stylist. The way the hair is woven into your hair is almost as important, if not more important, than the hair itself. I always wondered how celebrities with tons of money can walk around with bad weaves that look artificial. Going through the process, I realized it’s crucial how well the stylist blends the weave into your natural hair. It’s also important, in my opinion, to keep your natural part and often times you don’t have to do your whole head; partial weaves can work better.

When did you decide it’s time to unveil your natural hair and how do you prefer to wear it now?

I was ready to show my natural when it was at a the length I was comfortable with. I now prefer to flat iron my hair, though I have once in a while rocked my natural do. I still love my routine of going to the salon and getting my hair blown out though. It makes me feel good.

So would you ever get another weave or extensions?

Love the idea that extensions are out there because you don’t have to necessarily cut bangs if you want or commit to a drastic change in hair style. Also, you don’t ruin your natural hair when you have a weave. I like partial weaves and clip-in extensions for getting a temporary look and experimenting with your hair. The other main difference in not having a full weave is that it limits you with certain activities like swimming! Since I blow out my hair now, I can’t really get it wet, but with a weave, I would just get one that is wavy for the summer and I am free to swim and get it wet or dirty.

What’s your preference. Long hair or short? Slash long weave or short weave?

Doesn’t matter to me, whatever works well on you. I think the way you wear your hair is so personal and it’s about how you feel comfortable. With a weave, the hair comes in different textures, and it’s more about how you want to wear it and the ease of use.

Would you ever do a full wig?

The beauty of a full wig is that you can take on and take off. There’s also clip-in weaves that can temporarily give you a partial look, which I think can be fun. Whatever it is though, it should look natural!

Speaking of weaves, make sure to check out the Chris Rock documentary Good Hair if you’ve never seen it. Great movie.