top 10 superfoods

Beauty is not solely about what you put on; what you put into your body is just as important. The secret to full, shiny hair, supple skin and strong nails isn’t necessarily found in your makeup bag. Add these ten superfoods to your regular diet and chances are you’ll be glowing, inside and out.



Sweet, delicious blueberries are packed to the brim with good-for-you antioxidants. Nutritionists love them because they’re also full of potassium and vitamin C. The antioxidants have anti-aging properties, so your skin will radiate. On top of that, they can lower your risk of getting cancer and heart disease. Try to have a 1/2 cup serving a day – have it alone, blend it into a yummy smoothie or mix it into the next superfood…



Yogurt is the perfect low-fat, low-calorie snack or breakfast – filling, nutritious and, best of all, delicious! Find one that has tons of calcium for strong bones, nails and teeth. Yogurt also contains live and active cultures, which aid in digestion. Many people try to cut out dairy when dieting, but it’s important to remember that it’s good in moderation. Let yogurt be your little dairy treat of the day.

dark chocolate


Indulge in this decadent superfood. Dark chocolate is a win-win food – it has tons of health benefits, but tastes like a cheat food. Dark chocolate hydrates your skin and protects it from the sun. If you’re hesitant because of the whole chocolate-causes-acne myth, don’t be. The fact of the matter is, that’s just an old urban legend. Look for chocolate that has at least 70% cacao – the darker, the better.

bell peppers


Packed with vitamin C, bell peppers (in every color: green, red, yellow) increase collagen production, meaning it leads to healthy, gorgeous hair and skin. There are so many ways to incorporate peppers into your diet. Chop it up into a salad, dip it into your favorite dressing, stir fry them…the list goes on and on.

sweet potatoes


If you’re a sweet potato fan, like I am, you’re in luck! This orange veggie is full of vitamin A (common for orange vegetables, like carrots and butternut squash). Plus, it has beta-carotene, an anti-aging antioxidant. Bake it instead of a typical white potato. Since it’s so sweet, you won’t feel the need to add salt or butter, like a white potato, and you’ll save calories.



There are so many health benefits to soy that it’s a wonder why people don’t incorporate it into their diets more. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, types of cancer, osteoporosis and more. Plus, it’s a great source of protein, perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Spice things up by adding tofu to your salads, sandwiches, stir-frys and more.



All greens are good for you, but when you’re making a salad, reach for spinach rather than iceberg lettuce or romaine. This leafy green is loaded with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and vitamins B, C and E. The nutrients in spinach are great for your eyes, bones, hair and nails. Looks like Popeye was onto something…

chia seeds


Chia seeds are the latest ‘it’ superfood, seemingly popping up everywhere. These little seeds pack a lot of punch in a small package. Chia seeds are a phenomenal source of protein, fiber and omega-3s. People love them because they expand exponentially when they mix with water, meaning you’ll feel extremely full for a long time. Mix it into your yogurt or smoothie to sneak some chia into your diet!



Unsalted nuts in general are a great snack to keep you feeling full during that pesky time between lunch and dinner, but we’re especially partial to almonds. They’re full of heart-healthy flavonoids and vitamin E, which keeps your skin radiant. Additionally, swap out the peanut butter sitting in your pantry for nutritious, natural almond butter.

wild salmon


Wild salmon is filled with healthy omega-3 fat, which keeps skin glowing and moisturized. It also has minerals that protect skin from the sun, plus vitamin D, which will keep your bones and teeth strong. The best part? Salmon is both delicious and filling, plus it can be incorporated into your diet in dozens of ways. Salmon salad, burgers, tossed with pasta, sushi – the possibilities are endless.

What is your favorite ‘superfood’? Let us know what healthy eats you love in the comments below and on!

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      Weight loss foods: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt, spinach, kale, collard greens. No eating after 7pm!