Jill Munroe, Charlie’s Angels – When Farrah Fawcett first appeared on Charlie’s Angels in 1975, she started a hair craze. Her feathered ‘do was immediately copied by legions of fans. The hairstyle, created by Allen Edwards, is universally flattering and feminine. For those reasons alone, the style is emulated more than thirty years later.

Rachel Green, Friends – The haircut that defined the ‘90s. Jennifer Aniston’s famous cut was a phenomenon. Her longtime hairstylist, Chris McMillan, created the short, layered style for her. Want to know a surprising little secret? Aniston recently disclosed that she absolutely hated the cut!

Grace Adler, Will & Grace – Those famous bright red curls were just perfect for describing the personality of Grace, the modern day Lucille Ball. Bouncy and vibrant, they complimented the zany oddball to a T.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda & Samantha, Sex and the City – The four women who ushered in a hair, beauty, fashion – everything! – revolution. The Sex and the City ladies all had their own distinct styles, and it was so fun to see what they would do next. From Charlotte’s polished looks to Samantha’s season 6 wigs, they always had fun and were constantly starting covetable trends.

Marissa Cooper, The OC – California, here we come. In 2003, Mischa Barton appeared on TV screens as the effortlessly beautiful Cali girl Marissa Cooper. Viewers immediately fell for her laidback beauty. With her beachy, golden hair, perfect skin and minimal makeup, girls all over America wanted to copy the style of Orange County’s queen bee.

Lauren Conrad, The Hills – LC set herself apart from all the other girls on MTV by proving she’s more than just a pretty face. She has gradually built her empire with products ranging from books to clothing. With her website The Beauty Department, she has cemented her place as a beauty icon. She’s even announced plans to launch a line of cosmetics.

Blair Waldorf & Serena van der Woodsen, Gossip Girl – Blair and Serena proved Upper East Siders were just as cool as downtown girls. Serena’s glamorous style and beautiful blonde locks were a perfect complement to Blair’s demure makeup and preppy style. The hair and beauty inspiration alone made Gossip Girl a show worth watching week after week.

Betty Draper & Joan Holloway, Mad Men – Curvaceous girls are back! With her fiery red hair, crimson lips, and enviable curves, Joan proved how sexy sixties style is. Betty’s flawless blonde hair and ladylike beauty are equally desirable.