Still suffering from PTSD following Miley Cyrus’ unforgettable and uncomfortable twerking fiasco at the VMAs? Or were you intrigued? If the answer is the latter, we have good news for you. Twerking (vigorously moving your hips up and down so your butt jiggles and shakes) can actually be a fun exercise with visible results. As silly as it is, it’s undeniably a workout for your core, hamstrings, lower black, and, yes, your butt. Twerking for an hour can burn up to five hundred calories!

Convinced it’s not for you? There are plenty of more traditionally sexy workouts, from belly dancing to pole dancing to burlesque. One exercise that caught our eye? This throwback from Carmen Electra…from the strip club to the gym! What workout makes you feel sexy?

Photo: Nicki Minaj twerks it with Lil Wayne at the Bliiboard Music Awards – via NYDailyNews