Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette and Lipstick Giveaway


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The prize!!

We are absolutely loving the makeup collaboration between Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani…they just nailed it! We think this collection is so cool that we just have to give away one UD x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette  and a 714 Lipstick to one lucky Pampadour reader. The blush palette contains 6 gorgeous shades of blush, bronzer and highlighter that are versatile enough for any skin tone and the lipstick is the perfect shade of matte red. All you need to do is tell us how wearing red lipstick makes you feel. Studies have shown that it has way more of an impact on our mood than most of us would guess and we’re curious what it means to you! If you’d like to discover more about the products, check out Temptalia’s swatches of the blushes and Makeup and Beauty Blog’s lipstick swatches. Who wouldn’t want this awesome prize? Good luck, beauties!

Like everything else in life…there are some rules:

  • Submit your email address to the Pampadour team. We promise not to spam you: you will just agree to receive our newsletters.
  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you feel when you wear red lipstick. Does it empower you? Make you feel confident? Be descriptive – we love a good story.
  • Prize can only be shipped within the US.
  • Pampadour will select the winner and ship it out.
  • Urban Decay is not affiliated with this giveaway.
  • Giveaway is running until Sunday, January 31st. Be sure to check your email on Monday, February 1st. It will come from contact@pampadour.com.
  • Once we announce the winner, you’ll have 30 days to claim your beautiful prize.
  • For additional entries follow @Pampadour on Instagram and Twitter. Please leave your handle in your comment.

  • Natalie Carmili-Mazloumi

    While red is not my go-to lip color, the combination of red lipstick and a simple cat eye is one of the most classic combinations in makeup for a formal event!

  • Tiff Tess

    Red lipstick is my ‘special occasion’ beauty product. I rarely wear it during the day, but at night if I really want to make my look pop, I’ll go for a swipe of bold red. To me, red lipstick equals CONFIDENCE – it means you’re not afraid to be bold + go for a look that turns heads. I love it!

  • Taylor

    Wearing red makes me feel bold! And a touch more confident!

  • Jasmine

    I LOVE wearing red lipstick. It was one of the very first colors I started to wear when I first got into makeup. It always made me feel bold and classic, as well as empowered, sexy, and confident. If I ever need a boost in self confidence I always go for red. It instantly changes my mood and I’m ready to go!

  • Rose

    Everytime I wear red lipstick, I really feel confident like, I can rule the world. When I am happy and wearing a red lipstick, it makes me really pretty. But when someone annoys me, I always tell them to “read my red lips” and will say “Go away or I’ll kick your ass.” I love red lipsticks. It’s a perfect day-to-night staple.

    • Jennifer Hakimian

      Love this!!!

    • Rose

      my twitter – 143Pandastic8

  • Lisa Prince

    Red lipstick to me means turning the ordinary into extraordinary. I worship the confidence, beauty, and poise of women in old film and vintage style. Their trade mark look was a classic bold red lip, with smooth skin and a stunning come hither smile. When I put red on my lips, a touch of mascara and a pinch of blush, I feel put together, very feminine and ready to deal with anything that comes my way.

    • Natalie Carmili-Mazloumi

      I agree! Even Mary Poppins wore red lipstick and as a child, I was obsessed with her!

  • I love bolder lipsticks.. deep reds are my go-to! But I have a substantial collection of reds from sheers, balms right into red-orange mattes and some deeper wine-red shimmers and satins. A girl can never have too many red lipsticks!

  • Tenley Erickson

    Red Lipstick= Glam! Nothing draws attention to your lips like a Powerful Red Pout! ♥ Red is my choice when I really want to make a statement.

  • Jamie Simchayof

    When I see someone else wear a red lip they look confident and sexy. I rarely wear red but I would love to start stepping out of my nude comfort zone and gain the confidence to pull off the red lip!

    • Jennifer Hakimian

      Step out Jamie!! It would look so good on you!!

  • Julie

    Red lipstick makes me feel fancy. Day to day, I’m definitely a neutrals girl, so I don’t wear red lips that often. However, I think red lipstick is gorgeous and glamorous, and thus a perfect way to stand out for a special occasion.

  • Cynderma

    Red lipstick makes me feel like my mother. Her signature lipstick color was red. She passed away a couple years ago. She was a strong women with a sense of style. In fact, she instilled this style in all her children. She wore rich, stylish clothes. When I wear red lip stick I feel empowered. My Twitter name is @cynderma. Instagram @bloomover50

    • Jennifer Hakimian


  • Vicky Ortiz

    Red lipstick makes me feel on fire and extremely confident!

  • On days I need to feel empowered, confidant and beautiful, I wear Red lipstick. There is something about putting it on that makes me feel like I’m able to conquer the world, win that interview, or simply catch the eye of that cute guy. When I wear it in the evening, I feel Glamorous, like I’m a Movie Star walking the Red Carpet. I stand a little taller and have a little more sway in the hips when I walk. It doesn’t matter that I’m only a 5’2 over weight Grandmother, I put on my Red Lipstick and for the moment I am young again.

  • Bunga Siahaan

    Red lipatick makes me feel all kinds of amazing. I can be having a bad day and it cam make me feel better. When I want to feel badass, I put it on. Red lipstick has been my signature look for a while now.

  • SLR

    Red is My POWER Color! I wear Red Lipstick Almost Every Single Day!!! (I am A Professional Dominatrix…Seriously!) It makes Everything I’m Saying Better Understood!

  • Diana Devlin

    I seldom wear red lipstick because I feel like it’s too bold for me. But the few times I do wear it, I feel strong and confident.

  • Melissa Rivera

    Red lipstick to me means sexy , fiesty and bold. I know when I wear it I seriously even get the best pics from the bold beauty.. Red is my favorite hey my hair is red lol.. Some people see red as angry or rage I see it as making a statement . ?

  • Blaze Tulip

    When I wear red lipstick I feel like a boss. But it depends on my outfit if I am a sexy boss, powerful boss, mysterious boss, or a idol boss! Bold lips can do so much for a persons self esteem and self awareness. @trippsgotlips for both Twitter and Instagram

  • Lola

    Honestly, when I wear a red lip I just feel very daring. I’m normally understated and natural when it comes to make up, but red lipstick ignites a fire in me for a special night. Somehow I feel like I can step outside of my shell and become someone a bit more adventurous and sexy.

  • Ellen Willett


  • Carolyn Cheek- Massey

    When I wear red lipstick I am confident and feel a little frisky, I say look out world here I come.

  • it depends on which shade of red i wear .

    when i wear a bright, cool–toned red , i feel bold & fearless . it definitely commands attention , so you have to be fearless

    while vampy , deeper reds make me feel sultry & bad ass !

    ––––– followed on ig & twitter under: @saucyfbaby

    ––– nicole o.

  • DonnaJames

    When I wear red lipstick, I feel like I could be whatever personality I want to be.

  • Adella Gonzalez

    I feel sexy when I wear red lipstick.

  • lisa

    I know make up and fragrances can influence our moods, but with all sincerity,
    red lipstick has and does give me a high tend sense of being shrewd and quick witted. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but seems that I’m more approachable and canny, as well. 🙂 #Pampadour #urbandecaygiveaway

  • Rebecca B

    When I wear red lipstick I feel like a superhero! @unboxfoxsweeps

  • Sylvana

    Red lip stick makes me feel confident and sexy. Generally, I do not wear makeup, but on the occasion that I feel like getting glammed up, I usually do that with red lipstick. It makes me feel like I have a super power when I see others looking at my lips. It also helps me to step outside of my “safe box”, and say “I am woman. Hear me roar!”

  • Debbie

    Red lipstick makes me feel like a I can take on the night, the day or the world! It gives me that extra “oompfh” when I need it. It’s such a little extra thing but man oh man does it have power to empower! #teamredlipstick

  • Marisela Bennett

    love it! Thanks for the chance!

  • Louly McButter

    I wish I felt more confident when I wear red lipstick but I dress so conservatively I feel like when I wear it I am screaming “HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT MY MOUTH”. Following on IG as @KristineEL

  • I feel so bold!

  • Marlene

    ??❤️ Yes! Can’t hide the truth with the proof of some studies. The way red lipstick makes me feel is totally fierce, just pulls your whole look together. Just last year I was not into color on my lips but now I see what I was missing. I love red lipstick???
    It’s bold and classy just makes me feel like I got everything under control, can never go wrong with red lips.

  • Leslie Guzman

    Growing up, I barely lipstick. Overtime, I started to experiment more with different colors. Red is absolutely one of my favorite colors for a lipstick. The color alone makes me feel sexy, confident & daring. It gives me a boost of self-confidence & makes me feel like Snow White.

  • Annamaria Carlisi

    A red lipstick transforms
    me from ordinary to spectacular! It makes me feel like I’m the most desirable
    woman in the world! I don’t wear it often because it can be too distracting for
    me and I’ll be transported into the land of make believe! Make up does that to
    me overall. It brings me out of the everyday life into a world of beauty where everything
    is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. It is as simple as that!

  • Chelsea

    Red lips make me feel more empowered & more in touch with my feminine side. I feel sexier and have more of a confidence boost. Thank you for the opportunity! Followed on Twitter @p0larbearrawr

  • Kathy hammac

    I feel confident and outgoing. I could conquer the world.

  • Rosemarie

    Thanks for the giveaway! As a huge Gwen fan, I’d love to win this! Wearing red lipstick definitely makes me feel bolder, more confident and more empowered. It enhances my femininity in an awesome way.

  • Claudette Cowan

    I was intimidated at first, but as I grow older I experimented and try to find the red lipstick that would suit me,once I did I got more comfortable wearing it,in all honesty,red lipstick make me feel bold in a way, like something special will happen .:)
    My Instagram is @claudie07

  • V MD

    I love red lipsticks with blue base because it makes your smile brighter and you can wear them anytime of the day/night.

  • cristina

    fantastic prize
    thx for opportunity

  • Alexis

    There is something about red lipstick that is fun. I put some on to vacuum my floors. But if I am nervous our anxious about going out, I’ll put on a little red lipstick courage and smile.

  • when i wear red lipstick i feel i am marilyn monroe . all the women power comes and there is nothing that can possible make me feel bad or down .

  • Char

    I feel soo strong when I wear lipstick. As an ice hockey player in an all mens’ league, I love feeling bold and brave on the ice with a little make-up ;0

  • Taryn

    Red lipstick often makes me feel fierce. its a very bold statement that gets noticed and i love it.

  • Sam Mutone

    I love trying new looks, and that is what makeup does for me. Allows me to be creative!

  • Meghan Berdelle

    I feel feminine!

  • latanya t

    It makes me feel empowered and very sexy. Sometimes I wear red lipstick during exercise to help give me the boost to keep going:)

  • Red lipstick makes me feel like a new woman, fierce and ready to take on the world!

  • Also follow you on twitter (my handle is @cherryblossblog)

  • Tiffanynichole89

    I feel confident when wearing lipstick.

  • Amber Reser

    Red lips make me feel wild, because my skin is so fair, it makes a statement!

  • Amanda Patterson

    Red lipstick make me feel strong and powerful!

  • Red lipstick makes me feel powerful and like I can take on anything 🙂

  • janice

    Red lipstick makes me feel like I am wonder woman and I can take on the world. It boosts my self confidence and helps to make me more assertive. #pampadour #UDxGSgiveaway

  • Erveline Elma

    When i wear red lipstick i feel sexy and confident. Its like i suddenly transform into a whole different person

  • Jamie Rodgers

    Red lipstick makes me feel like nobody’s negative opinions of me or my makeup matter.

  • Ellen Willett


  • Maleena

    Wearing red lipstick makes me feel like I can literally slay everything and anything any time of the day!!!

  • Jodi G

    Wearing red lipstick makes me feel classy. I love pairing it with pearls and having a night out with an old fashioned in my hand. Pure class.

  • Colleen Boudreau

    Red lipstick makes me feel sexy.

  • Emily

    Been dying to try out this new colab! Thanks for the opportunity to try it out!

  • marciaf

    Red lipstick ups your look and makes you more noticeable. You have to have the right attitude to wear a stunning red like the Gwen lipstick.

  • Kathy

    Wearing red lipstick makes me feel like the center of attention!

  • Kayla

    Red lipstick. What isn’t there to say? Red lipstick makes every. single. outfit. Weather I’m going out with friends, at work, in class or cleaning the house I can usually be found wearing red lipstick. It’s my apsolute go to color. It is a confident, sexy and bold color, and it makes me feel every one of those emotions. I always carry a tube with me wherever I go.

  • Pauline Gorczycki


  • Taylor

    Red lipstick makes me feel powerful enough to break hundreds of men’s hearts.

  • laura gargiulo

    Red lipstick makes me feel powerful and special. Like I could conquer the whole world ! I hope too that it will increase my self-esteem

  • Sarah

    I don’t know what it is about red lipstick that just makes you feel powerful and unstoppable. That you can conquer the world or just scare the crap out of people!

  • cutiebugg

    When I put Red Lipstick on I feel RED HOT! I am ready to go downtown and dance or pick up cuties in the grocery store! I feel magnetic, magnificent and magic! I suddenly become uninhibited and I can become the aggressor! Oh wait! Sorry ………………that’s Red Lipstick and tequila! Red lipstick makes me feel all those things but cut down to about half! So yeah I will leave my home in sweat pants, but I have my red lipstick on!

  • Lori Ortiz Garcia

    Red lipstick makes me feel bold and brings out my quirky side more!

  • Saegan Michelle Anderson

    red lipstick makes me feel like i can do anything. but i do get worried about it smearing on my teeth

  • Sara Cartmill

    My favorite time to wear red lipstick is in the summer. It makes me feel like an all American girl and I love the vibe of it all!

  • Tara STOFLS

    Red lip makes me feel confident sexy bold daring happy excited happy beautiful!!

  • adriana

    Red lipstick makes me feel great, confident and fierce.

  • BossDivaShop

    Wearing a bold red lip speaks for itself?

    • Tiff Tess

      Love that! So true.

  • Sarah B.

    A red lip makes a bold statement, and therefore, requires a bold attitude to go with it. A red lip is my definite go-to makeup look when I’m going for a more classic and sophisticated look. It’s perfect for both classing up a casual outfit and for complementing a night where I want to dress up to the nines. Instagram & Twitter: @slbatchelor

  • Alma Salgado

    I LOVE wearing red lipstick all year round! I feel beautiful, confident, sexy and classy! 🙂 Thanks so much for this giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed! I followed on Twitter and Instagram. 🙂
    Twitter: @AlmaSalgado93
    Instagram: @almasalgado93

  • Hannah

    Red lipstick to me means fearless. I feel like as soon as a put on that color I can do anything. It really just gives me a sense of power and boldness for the day. It makes me feel like a true woman. Like a “heck yeah I can rock this” type of attitude.
    Insta: hannahpioch

    • Tiff Tess

      Completely agree – it’s kind of like putting on a superhero cape! 😉

  • Maria J.

    I personally feel like a Hollywood starlet whenever I wear red lipstick, in the sense that I feel very confident and it demands it’s own crowd, it’s own attention and sometimes even steals the show. I like to feel like my own version of Marilyn Monroe when she would wear red lips to any event, very important and very eye catching! Whenever I’ve worn red lipstick (at least in the right shade of it) I normally get compliments and while red lipstick does give me confidence it’s great to feel complimented because a lot people don’t feel they can rock red lips or are too scared it might be too bold and I just feel they haven’t found their perfect shade of red.?I always say✊OWN that Red lipstick like a Red Carpet, don’t let it Own You!?

    IG & Twitter : @maryjo1023

    • Jennifer Hakimian

      I keep buying red lipsticks but have yet to be able to walk out the door wearing it. I love it on everyone else, just not myself.

      • Maria J.

        Don’t worry, you’ll find the shade you’re comfortable with someday! I used to have the same thoughts, but one of my favorites is Maybelline Red Revival because every time I wear it I get compliments and a lot people think I’m wearing a High-end lipstick which is my favorite part. Certain shades of red can be unflattering, but never doubt that you can be fierce, that’s what red lipstick is made for!?

  • gina blades

    i feel confident, sexy and bold when I wear red lipstick.

  • Barb Yewa

    Quick story time 🙂 The first time I actually wore any type of lipstick was to prom of my junior year. My sister did my makeup and covered my lips in a lovely red shade. That night, I went out to a fancy restaurant with my date, who was just an acquaintance (a very nice one though!). When we got to the banquet, there were very cautious parents administering breathalyzers to anyone who wanted to go in. They let my date go in but pulled me aside and made me take three or four. Little did I know that I had red stains all over my teeth, and they thought that I had red wine! Horrors! Anyway, the moral of the story is to make sure you set your red lipstick. After you do this, go out and make a difference in the world, for I believe red lipstick truly is empowering!!
    IG: popsterbarby
    Twitter: barbiey23

    • Jennifer Hakimian

      That’s great story!!! Do you use a powder to set the red lipstick?

      • Barb Yewa

        Yep! I blot my lips with a tissue and then apply translucent powder over the tissue to make my lipstick stay put!

  • I still haven’t found my perfect shade of red, I have been looking everywhere. So right now I am looking to find a red that makes me feel sexy!

  • Sara

    Red lipstick definitely makes me feel fierce and confident!
    IG- pbabygurl1
    Twitter- pakibabygurl

  • Shea Adams

    I love red lipstick….Its a great way to make you feel sexy on a date night!

  • I like wearing red lipstick when I’m wearing an otherwise neutral colored outfit or makeup. Makes for a nice pop of color!

  • Miss J

    I feel sexy and powerful when i wear red lipstick. Like i can conquer the world

  • onegreatsmile

    Red lipstick makes me feel alive. I always feel dead without lipstick!

  • judy o

    i have to admit that i am still not totally comfortable with bright red lipstick, but since i have a few tubes, i found the perfect way to wear them. i have a beautiful, creamy silver lipstick, and putting that over the red i end up with a gorgeous color with which i am more than comfortable

    • Jennifer Hakimian

      That’s a really cool trick! I may have to try that! I have about 10 red lipsticks that I never ever wear.

  • LilyBiscuit

    I don’t wear red lipstick often, but, when I do, it makes me feel polished. It’s a sophisticated shade!

  • Sophie

    Red lipstick is daring and fierce! I always feel as if I am channeling my favorite blogger – dallaswardrobe – especially when I pop a clear gloss on top! But I’m always weary of it ending up on my teeth!

  • DeAnna Branigan Keller

    Red lipstick to me means confident and bold. I love wearing this color! It also makes me feel in power and control. It’s amazing what a lipstick can do for a woman’s self confidence!

  • susan

    The palette is beautiful

  • I love red lipstick so much, my blog title is Writing in Red Lipstick! Always makes me feel like a badass when I wear it!

  • PrettyLittleLiar412

    honestly, I feel horrible in red lipstick! I have very pale, fair skin with dark blonde/light brown hair. it looks really really bad on me. I have yet to find a red that looks good. NOw give me a good mauve or deep berry and I feel fierce! I just feel very foolish with bright red lips for some reason. and it doesn’t help because when I think I have a good one, my boyfriend says I look like a …. well you know…. not a nice word for girl who sells herself lol.

    • Jennifer Hakimian

      That’s exactly how I feel! Well, if you win this giveaway be sure to gift the lipstick to someone who would wear it and keep the blush palette for yourself 🙂

  • Abby

    Red lipstick totally empowers me and makes me feel so beautiful! It makes me feel like I can do anything!

  • Red lipstick makes me feel bold and powerful. 🙂

  • Raine Dawson

    From movie stars, fashion icons to pinup girls of the past who are my inspiration , red lipstick gives me that killer ‘Old Hollywood’ vibe. It’s makes me feel like I can kick life in the a** and be classy while doing it.
    IG follower @barkergirl38 & twitter @buzzyngabe.

  • Tracy Taylor

    Red lipstick make me feel on top of the world. Being an only girl with a mother who didn’t wear makeup, I never knew how it could make me feel to wear it. It make me feel confident in my skin, sexy, and my husband says I look like a bombshell.

  • Kiera

    I’m actually wearing red lipstick now! I love it because it makes me stand out and it makes me feel confident, bold, and glamorous! I started wearing it because of Gwen, so I wear it as an homage to her, and so I can pretend to be her since she is so amazing, haha!

  • cristina

    great contest
    thx for opportunity

  • Katie Burnette

    Red Lipstick is my way of telling the world, “See me. I’m having a good day and not hiding behind a my ponytail and if you’re lucky I’ll really be froggy and wearing makeup too.” I am chronically ill and often not well enough to even put on makeup and go out, much less do so often at all. It means I actually feel human for once. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway, but regardless of whether or not I win, thank you for hosting it.

    Instagram: ktbaby83
    Twitter: katieblue1983

  • Karla

    Wearing Red lipstick makes me feel confident, both inside in out. I feel like red lipstick brings a sort of beauty in my face and in my attitude which I Love!!!

  • Brenda Disimone

    i feel like i can conquer the world

  • Rachel Beltz

    It used to make me feel self conscious, but recently it has made me feel powerful!!

  • Amber

    Red lipstick makes me feel bold, sexy & CLASSIC. I’ll never go out of style!

  • Christy DuBois

    I don’t wear red lipstick often but when I do wear it I feel much more confident. Even when there seems to be more eyes on me than usual when I have on red lipstick it doesn’t bother me at all which is the confidence factor. I’ve never thought about it before now so why the heck don’t I wear red lipstick way more often….I WILL!!!!
    I’m subscribed and follow on Instagram and Twitter.
    Instagram: reidsrd
    Twitter: ce43174248
    Email: reidsrd@hotmail.com

  • LadyStephM

    Red lipstick means bold, so when you feel average or down, a pop of red gives you the self confidence you need

  • Elyzium

    My first lipstick my mother ever bought me was a soft light red. She said to me “you are a woman now”.
    So although my shades have become more vibrant and dark as I have gown older a red lipstick still says to me, “woman power”.

    • Jennifer Hakimian

      That must have been a really special moment.

      • Elyzium

        It was. I called her after I posted this and we talked about it. She is was happy. 🙂

  • Candice

    I don’t wear it a lot, but when I do I feel strong!

  • Brittany Andrews

    I never really feel attractive or beautiful, but there is something about this line and these colors that make me feel empowered as a woman. I went to a local UD to check out everything and tried on some lipsticks and couldn’t believe how different I felt just by putting on a little lipstick. I felt beautiful the rest of the day walking around, just because I took some time for myself and realized that all I did was enhance what was already there

  • hofken

    I feel sexy and confident when I wear red lipstick

  • I follow you via Instagram @cherryblossomsblog

  • disqus_QQX1ePZTiV

    Red lipstick on my lips makes me feel fierce, bold, beautiful and confident. It opens the pathway to new horizons, opportunities and possibilities.

  • Dacia

    Really hoping I win, with this new year I’m working on creating a new me! I’m sick of being a single mom, so it’s time to change me and treat myself to a little lifestyle makeover! Bye bye plain Jane, and soon to introduce hot mama… Hopefully I win so I have this awesome calabo to help me out!

  • Natalie Evans

    Red lipstick makes me feel like I can take on the world. If I’m ever in a bad mood, I put on red lipstick. It doesn’t matter if I’m dressed up to go out for the night or in my pajamas, red lipstick is my staple. An instant mood booster. A shot of confidence. An immediate dose of “You can do this.” It makes me feel like nothing can stop me.

  • Nimue X

    I feel bold and ready to tackle the World

  • Savannah Hadden

    I always feel more confident and more beautiful in red lipsticks.

  • Laurie Murley

    I love wearing red lipstick on bad days it gives me a good feeling and makes my day better

  • Ashley M.

    I wear red lipstick every single day. It makes me feel bright, vibrant, beautiful. It’s a staple to my every day.

  • Red lipstick makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. The best example is when I walk out of my makeup room and my husband sees the red lips even he says I look like I could take on the world…and win.

    I followed on Instagram (southeastbymidwest) and Twitter (@SoutheastMidwes)

  • Samantha Schreiner

    It makes me feel confident because most people don’t even try to wear red lips because it can intimidate a lot of people and they never try it. I tried it and loved it so now I do wear it a lot and always get complements!

  • Ona Luna

    Red lipstick can make me feel sophisticated and put-together, or wild and daring.

    A lush velvety lipstick — tripled with my long red silk-velvet coat and a pale winter face — creates a stark-yet-decadent look, like Aubrey Beardlsey’s Salomé.

    Red lipstick can summon other period looks as well — the saucy pinup from the 1950’s, the no-nonsense, buttoned up neatness of the WW2 forties, the artistic indulgences of the flappers and the silent film era.

    And as this lovely photo of Jennifer Lopez pops out to the right of of my screen, I’m recalling the deep, bold lip of the nineties, paired with au-naturel eyes. Ms. Lopez’ lips have just enough sheen and brightness make them current. With her highlighted hair, and a sheer wash of her signature glow, it’s perfection.

    So many glamorous looks can be achieved with just that touch of red!

  • backnblacck

    Bold red lipstick makes me feel fearless and invincible. I wear it when I need a little extra motivation to achieve my dreams. It gives me the extra confidence I need to conquer the most stressful days, including my wedding day!

  • Michelle

    Red lipstick is fancy and dramatic. I love the way it makes my lips look big and bright. It is nice to wear with the right outfit.

  • Amber Reser

    Red lipstick almost makes me feel like a character! I could be a totally different woman with red lips and an unusual outfit! 🙂

  • Valerie Quinn

    Red lipstick is about being fearless 🙂

  • Pam Flynn

    Red lipstick with my dark auburn hair makes me feel romantic, adventurous, & daring. Somehow the red lipstick is like putting on a Super Woman cape because I am totally fearless & confident with my beautiful, pouty red lips.

  • Donna Teller

    I honestly have never wore red lipstick before but it has been something I have wanted to try for a while and just haven’t done it.

  • Bridgett Wilbur

    Wearing red lipstick makes me feel like the most stunning person in the room.

  • yesenia solis

    Love red lipstick because it makes me feel confident and sexy and it transforms me the other side of me I feel like I own the world teasing with this Gorgeous red fire power ?????

  • yesenia solis

    My twitter @yesennia3432 IG: @jennychilo

  • Erin Mills

    Their are many different shades of red lipstick. No matter what the shade is, I feel red is a daring, fearless, sassy color. When I put on red lipstick I feel like I’m ready to kick the day’s ass!! Red lipstick just feels empowering.

  • Trista

    I love the way bold red lipstick draws in attention. It’s impossible not to do a double take when you see someone wearing bright red lipstick out in public. It makes me hold my head a little higher and show them off. A simple eye look with a bold red lip speaks for itself. The Gwen Stefani 714 lipstick is perfect. Insta- trista_marie_young

  • Sierra

    Red lipstick makes me feel on top of the world. Like a woman in charge. It makes me feel absolutely beautiful, but a little sexy as well. It gives me a boost of confidence that I normally wouldn’t have, which is why I wear it on special occasions. A red lip is a must have for any chica who wants that extra boost to feel outrageous and fabulous.
    Instagram: @sierraislegit @sierralynnbeauty

  • Patricia Ellis

    It makes me feel daring and sexy. I feel like I am a siren!

  • Jamie C.

    Red lipstick is a certain style that speaks the language of glamour and simply makes me feel like a Sexy Bombshell! Red lipstick makes me feel like a person who is irresistible to say no to and it’s a color that is completely eye catching when you walk into any room, so it naturally calls for attention. Red lipstick can make anyone confident in any instant without coming off as cocky of course, It’s also a color that makes me feel classy especially when it is paired with a LBD, so in a nutshell Red lipstick makes me feel like a Totally irresistible, confident classy Bombshell!

    Twitter : @JamieC0358
    Insta : @JamieC0308

  • joty

    Putting on red lipstick makes me feel bold & confident!

  • joty

    Subscribed & following on twitter (@joti67)

  • Maya Kassab

    Wearing red lipstick makes my high school students listen to every word I say! (I wish!!!)

  • Alexandra Oller (iamthealexxx)

    I feel confident and sexy in red lipstick!

  • My Flower

    i sexy

  • Emilee Bond

    I do not wear red lipstick often. I’m working on my self esteem… and wearing red lipstick defininatly brings attention to me. But when i’m feeling beautiful or sexy, I will put on red lipstick and a cute little outfit. 🙂 I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the chance!!

  • Kelley powers

    Red lipstick makes me feel sexy.

  • Key moo