Before you gobble down your turkey and latkes, take a moment to think about the true meaning of this holiday – giving thanks. Check out what Team Pamp is most thankful for:

Jennifer: I’m thankful for Neutrogena’s eye makeup remover, which prevents me from going to bed looking like a raccoon!

Roy: I am most thankful for Alder Dry Shampoo because I hate washing my hair and it really makes my scalp feel clean and makes my hair look super fly. Also, it saves me those mornings where I really have to run out and don’t have time to hop in the shower!

Natalie: L’Occitane’s Almond Oil sweet smell instantly puts me in a better mood, and who doesn’t love a multitasking beauty product like that? It also feels amazing on the skin.

Tiffany: I love experimenting with beauty – bright liners, bold lipsticks – but my one mainstay is Garnier’s anti-frizz serum. I discovered it a few months ago, and now I won’t straighten my hair without it. It’s made such a difference, I can’t recommend it enough. Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving filled with joy, laughter and love!

Megan: Pertaining to beauty, I’m extremely thankful for chapstick! My lips become extremely dry in the cold weather. Currently obsessing over Nivea’s A Kiss of Moisture Lip Care.

What our Facebook fans are thankful for!

“My chap stick, my body lotion, and most importantly, my warm sweaters!” -Paulina Hakimi

Rosebud Salve!!! I keep one everywhere, car, by my sink, purse, office, kitchen, such a great multi use beauty product!!” -Rita Patel

“My amazing Ina that is the master in blowdrying my hair!” -Carole Hallac…everyone has a hairstylist they’re thankful for, right?!