Win a Scentbird Subscription!


Scentbird is a subscription beauty box that has a solution for the common dilemma of buying an incredible perfume, wearing it for a week and finding you don’t love it quite as much as you originally thought. Scentbird sends a perfume of your choice (pick from over 350 fragrance heavyweights ranging from Chloe and YSL to Marc Jacobs) to your door every month in a sleek refillable container. The scent will last you about 30 days – just enough time to see if you want to invest in the full-sized version. It’s like getting twelve miniature luxury perfumes for the price of one. We’re so excited to announce we’re teaming up with Scentbird for a GIVEAWAY to introduce you to their service. Share your favorite perfumes on Pampadour for a chance to win a three-month subscription to the beauty box. Who knows? You could find your signature scent!


1. Share your favorite perfumes on the Pampadour feed with the hashtag #Scentbird! Multiple entries are encouraged and welcome.

To share a photo:

1. Log in


3. Click Upload Photos From Your Computer

4. Choose Photo > Give the Photo a Title

5. In the message box, tell us about the perfume, along with the hashtag #Scentbird

6. Click ‘SUBMIT’

2. All participants must register to and accept our terms of service.

3. Prize can only be shipped within the US.

4. Your user account on Pampadour must be PUBLIC throughout the duration of the contest.

5. Pampadour will select the winner. Scentbird will ship out the prize.

6. Scentbird is sponsoring this giveaway. By entering, you are complying with their terms of service.

7. Contest running until Sunday, October 18th. Winner will be announced on Tueday, October 20th.

8. Once we announce the winner, you will have 30 days to claim your prize.

9. No giveaway accounts please!